How to cut grilled cheese

Grill cheese

Almost every cheese is ideal for grilling. (Photo by: © WoGi /

Only meat belongs on the grill?

Grilling is not for someone who is not hungry for meat - or is it? On the grill can instead of meat too cheese.

This brings variety to the table, tastes great and is an idea for (lacto-) vegetarians who still feel like grilling with taste.

Which types of cheese are suitable for the grill?

Almost every type of cheese is ideal for grilling, it all depends on what you want to do with it.

When looking for the best grilled cheese, one can orientate oneself on the varieties of the southern European countries. This type of preparation takes on a completely different status here than we do and there are also a variety of cheeses that are wonderfully suitable for grilling.

  • Classic grilled cheese like Halloumi (= from Cyprus) or Feta (= Greek sheep cheese) have a relatively high melting point and do not melt straight away on the grill.
  • But also normal ones Sheep, goats or Herder cheese have a firm consistency and do not run.
  • To "grill over" vegetables or fish with cheese, for example, are more suitable Soft cheeses. Camembert or blue cheese is always a recommendation but are not suitable for direct grilling but for refining vegetables and / or gratinated.
  • Especially hard cheeses such as Allgäu, medieval Gouda or Edam and Emmental make excellent barbecue companions.
  • But also Mozzarella and Brie are a real treat on the grill.

Tip: If you want to be on the safe side, you shouldn't grill the cheese (except halloumi or other special grilled cheese) directly on the wire rack, but in an aluminum cup that has been brushed with oil.

How is grill cheese seasoned?

If the cheese is used for gratinating on the grill, then those are enough Spices of the food to be grilled out.

But if it is the main course, as is the case with feta or halloumi, then it needs some seasoning such as:

  • salt
  • pepper
  • some oil depending on the cheese
  • parsley
  • thyme
  • basil
  • herbs of Provence
  • Chilli flakes
  • etc.

Tip: If you like it spicy, you can also try a spicy seasoning sauce like sambal oelek with cheese.

Cheese on the grill

Grilling cheese looks harder than it is. (Photo by: © Company V /

Grilling cheese is not that difficult - on the contrary, if you take a few tips into account:

  • Every grilled cheese should first be in Aluminum foil wrapped or in a Aluminum shell to be grilled.
  • The aluminum dish is drizzled with olive oil beforehand, this prevents it from sticking and gives it a delicious aroma.
  • Halloumi is an exception - it always stays firm and can be placed directly on the grillage.
  • The temperature shouldn't be too high when the cheese packet is placed on the grillage. Otherwise the cheese may melt too much.
  • If something is gratinated with cheese, it makes sense not to add the cheese until the food is almost done. Soft cheese, in particular, runs very quickly and only takes a few minutes.
  • One piece Feta or halloumi On the other hand, it takes up to 5 minutes per side and should be turned so that both sides come off the grill equally warm.
  • Cheese also goes great in Grill skewers with vegetables The soft cheese from the grill is also a treat for the palate, also wrapped in grape leaves with garlic and onions.
  • The easiest way to cook the cheese (on an aluminum dish) is when it is cut in slices is placed on the grill and does not come out of the refrigerator, but has reached room temperature, otherwise it can easily happen that the underside is already black while the cheese is still ice cold inside.

Our recipe recommendations:

A few grill ideas ...

The cheese should only be placed on the grill just before the end of the grill. (Photo by: bandd / Depositphotos)

Delicious bags can be conjured up from vegetables and cheese of all kinds (for example Brie or Gouda):

  • For delicious cheese bags eSimply chop vegetables such as zucchini, paprika and mushrooms, add the diced cheese, season with salt, pepper or pesto, drizzle with oil and wrap in an aluminum foil bag.
  • Goat cheese, which is available in Bacon rolled up will enchant every gourmet, especially when it comes fresh from the grill.
  • Sliced ​​mozzarella mixed with cream cheese and herbs can be wonderfully spread on sliced ​​baguette and then put on the grill.

Which side dishes go well with grilled cheese?

Grilled cheese as an independent dish often comes from southern latitudes. This means that local side dishes also fit particularly well.

  • A Herb or Garlic dip adds a spicy note to the whole thing.
  • One takes care of the vitamins green salad, provided that there are no grilled vegetables as a side dish.
  • As an accompanying finger food, for example, are suitable Olives, pickled Hot peppers, paprika or a fresh bread or baguette.

A successful start to the barbecue season

Nifty Grilled dishes with cheese will be remembered by your guests for a long time. Just try your way through the entire range of cheeses, you can't go wrong at all.

For the start there is also specially made grilled cheese, so that nothing stands in the way of a successful start to the barbecue season!

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