What is the big scandal about EA

"We're annoyed too": EA comments on "FIFA" gate and officially confirms insider trading

  • #EAGate continues to make headlines.
  • The scandal is about insider trading in rare "FIFA Ultimate Team" cards.
  • EA commented on the allegations and officially confirmed that there was illegal use of EA accounts.

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EA is again forced to react to the allegations that have been circulating on Twitter under the hastag #EAGate for a few days. Everything revolves around the so-called "FIFA Ultimate Team" mode (FUT) of the soccer simulation "FIFA".

It flushes billions of dollars into EA's coffers every season, but is increasingly falling into disrepute because it has both a gambling component and a pay-2-win mechanism. The mode is like a virtual Panini album, because players can put together their dream team here - provided they are very lucky or have a lot of money for so-called packs.

Professional "FIFA" gamers in particular invest high four-digit sums at the start of a season in order to be competitive in e-sports tournaments. Recently, however, it became public that there was probably insider trading in rare playing cards from the "FIFA Ultimate Team" mode.

The specific accusation EA is exposed to: Packs with particularly rare and strong star kickers - so-called FUT Icons and Prime Icon Moments - are said to have been illegally offered for sale for real money by one or more EA employees.

For the virtual football legends, sums of between 750 and 1,700 euros were required. After reacting to the allegations early on and announcing a "comprehensive investigation", EA spoke up again to make the current status of that very transparent and to operate damage limitation.

EA admits: EA accounts are behind the trading scandal

The publisher confirms in an official statement: "Our first investigation shows questionable activity that affects a very small number of accounts and items."

It appears that one or more official EA accounts that have either been compromised or improperly abused by EA employees have directly released items to individual accounts, according to EA.

"While not a large number, if the allegations are confirmed, this activity is unacceptable. We'd like to thank our dedicated community members for bringing the problem to our attention so quickly."

Once the investigation is complete, EA plans to take drastic measures: "We will take action against any employee who was involved in these activities. Any items acquired through these illegal activities will be removed from the FUT ecosystem and EA will become every player who is known to have acquired content in this way. "

The "FIFA" manufacturer made it clear that it found the behavior unacceptable. He continues: "Regardless of these measures, we understand how worrisome this is for all of our players - and we apologize for the impact of this improper award within the community."

You also know "how extremely annoying and frustrating it is that this practice may have originated from EA itself. We're annoyed too. We know that the trust of our communities has been hard earned and is based on the principles of fair play. These illegal activities undermine this trust. "

According to their own statements, the developers attach great importance to protecting the game "against manipulation and malicious actors." The insider trading with the FUT card is a violation of this principle and, as EA explained, they will "not accept it."

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