Do you live with guilt

Taking on more personal responsibility: are you a victim or are you already alive?

In order to master life and every partnership in a positive way, it is important to stand by yourself and to take responsibility for your own fate. A conscious and self-determined life is only fun if you are responsible for it yourself. Always relying on someone else or even your partner leads to dependency and cannot lead to a positive attitude towards life.

Showing personal responsibility means to achieve the goals you have set yourself, This makes you feel good and you can lead a happy, fulfilling life, especially in a partnership. It is clear that it is not easy to take your life into your own hands, but you should still keep this in mind when making decisions and not shirk your responsibility and pass decisions on to others, for example your partner.

Strokes of fate can help to break free from the role of victim

Again and again in the life of adverse events afflicted, including separations, illnesses and death. There are also Blows of fate like unemployment, accidents, bullying or you become a victim of a stalker. In all of these cases we feel like victims, we get angry and feel sorry for ourselves. We are depressed and believe that life is unjust because this is the only fate that overtakes us.

We feel helpless, powerless and at the mercy. How quickly we can free ourselves from this victim role depends on the general attitude towards life. We cannot prevent the blows of fate, but we can do something to make them easier to cope with.

You are putting too much pressure on yourself

Some wait for something to happen from other sides and others do something to change the situation. Who can get out of the situation more easily? The second, of course takes his life into his own hands. The thought turns on many people individual responsibility however, they are afraid of feeling pressured and afraid of failure.

The reason can be in childhood, when we are always only being suggested that we are doing everything wrong. As a result, we rely more and more on the opinions and actions of others so as not to hurt or disappoint anyone. In doing so, we overlook the fact that we are mainly disappointing ourselves. However, it is never too late to change direction, you can start to live more independently and actively in any life situation, you just have to want to.

In the past your parents looked at you, now you are responsible

Childhood and that Being at the mercy of one's parents or another parenting person is over, now you are responsible. You have to make sure that you are fine yourself. Only you know the best way to be happy. Take matters into your own hands, no matter how tough it is at times. Everyone makes mistakes and setbacks are normal, think about what you might have done wrong and learn from them. The next time this mistake won't happen to you again.

Especially in a partnership, it is important to look ahead, even if you sometimes go back a few steps. You also have to give yourself time do not build up pressure, but slowly and deliberately steer every single step in the right direction.

Turn your life in a positive direction

Parents do Failure in upbringing, As an adult, you can now correct these mistakes and clear them up. You start all over again, but this time with your own ideas, through one, so to speak Self-education your person. If you now turn negative attitudes into positive, life-affirming attitudes, you will have much easier success in partnership and career and have a happy life, because you shape it yourself.

It is important what the parents gave us when we were raised, but what we do with it is much more important. Life is like a Card game, You don't always get the best cards, but with a lot of skill you can still win the game. This is also the case in life, the life cards that are dealt are not always just aces and kings, but we can still achieve a positive result through skillful action.

If you give up immediately when playing cards, you will lose the game, the same thing happens in life with many far-reaching consequences. So if you keep blaming others for failing, you will never be able to free yourself from the victim role and thus never master your life on your own. You will always be someone else's plaything.

Free yourself from the role of victim

How can you best free yourself from the role of victim? First of all, you have to make yourself aware that you are in the role of victim. Many are still not really aware of this. If you are aware that you are the victim, you have to take responsibility for your feelings.

From now on you decide how you feel and how you behave in different situations. With that you have taken the first step out of the victim trap. You can learn how to use your Affects feelings best. Know that you are not to blame and that negative events just happen, then you can deal with them much better. Sure, the world is not always fair, but strokes of fate not only hit you, they are not a punishment, tear yourself out of the role of victim and take responsibility for your happiness in life.