How can Costco improve


Costco Wholesale Corp. is an American wholesale company based in Seattle, Washington state. Costco is the world's largest cash and carry provider and the third largest grocery retailer in North America. At the end of December 2020, the group was operating a good 800 self-managed cash & carry stores in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, China, Spain, Iceland and France, some with integrated or connected restaurants and shops (Photo laboratories, pharmacies, opticians, hearing aid acousticians specialty stores) and petrol stations. A store has an average sales area of ​​13,440 square meters.

Purchases in the Costco branches are only available to members, including end consumers. There are three paid memberships: Gold Star (private individuals), Business (companies, farmers and non-profit organizations) and, until 2015, also Business Add-On (premium membership with discounts). At the end of September 2020, Costco had a total of 58,100 members.

Costco offers its customers a selection of industrial and private label items in a wide range of goods for an annual fee. The range of goods ranges from food and cosmetics, computers, electrical and household appliances to furniture, clothing, jewelry and pet food. Costco can offer its customers the goods at a reasonable price through a high turnover of goods and negotiated purchase discounts.

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