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25 plugins to consider for your first WordPress site

Have you chosen WordPress as the CMS of your choice for your first website?

If you answered yes to this question, you are not alone. Right now, WordPress has taken up close to 26% of the web.

While it is one of the best CMS systems, it has one quality that makes it number 1: access to tens of thousands of plugins.

We've already looked at the different plugin categories in the past. This post introduces you to the 11 best plugins to improve the convenience of your blog.

Although I've been posting content for many years, I speak regularly to clients who are just starting out. And in many cases, they don't know a thing about the plugins that are best for their website.

In the rest of this article, I'll show you 25 plugins that you should consider as soon as you go online with your first WordPress site. You probably won't use all of them, but some of them may help you achieve your goals.

1. Akismet

Since this plugin is often the standard, it is the first plugin that you should really use.

"Akismet compares your comments with the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not."

If you've never managed a WordPress blog before, you may not understand how many spam comments you are going to get. It can even go so far that you spend hours every day managing comments - and you certainly don't want that.

Akismet is the best spam plugin out there. So make sure you use it from the start.


2. All in One SEO Pack

With nearly 30 million downloads, it's the most popular WordPress plugin of all time. That alone should show you why it's a must-have for your first WordPress site.

As the name suggests, the plugin optimizes your blog for search engine optimization. From support for sitemaps to the ability to quickly customize headings and keywords, this plugin can do it all.

WordPress is SEO-friendly by design, but this plugin offers additional functionalities and services.

3. NextGEN Gallery

Since its release in 2007, it's been the top image gallery plugin on WordPress.

You can't go wrong with a complete picture gallery management system on WordPress, including functions that no other plugin offers.

If images are important for your company, then you can rely on this plugin. It does a great job of displaying images in a variety of formats.

4. W3 Total Cache

Here is the tagline for the plugin:

"Simple Web Performance Optimization (WPO) using caching: browser, page, objects, database, minify and content delivery network support."

It may be overlooked by those who haven't understood the benefits of caching, but this plugin shouldn't be missed.

With the ability to improve both page speed and user experience, there is no reason not to install this plugin. You and your readers will benefit from it and it will have a positive effect on your search engine ranking.


Have you ever come across something like this when you want to leave a comment? Or if you sent an email using a contact form?

With this plugin you can take action against spam in comments and contact forms. Two things that can quickly bring you to your knees.

It's easy to install and has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating.


6. Google XML Sitemaps

Is your goal one day to dominate the search engines for a targeted keyword?

If so, then you also need to use the correct WordPress plugins. One of the best is Google XML Sitemaps. It can do the following for you:

"This plugin creates a special XML sitemap that ensures that search engines index your blog better."

You no longer have to do this manually. You can use the plugin to quickly create a comprehensive XML sitemap that ensures that search engines can find and index the pages and posts you add to the blog.

Otherwise your WordPress site may have difficulties establishing itself with the search engines. That's why a lot of people install this plugin before they even publish the first content.

7. Wordfence Security

WordPress security is something you might be concerned about. The last thing you want is a security issue, e.g. if someone gets access to your dashboard.

The Wordfence Security Plugin protects against such cases, with functions such as:

  • Firewall for web applications
  • Security login
  • Monitoring tools

You shouldn't worry about security only when something goes wrong. It is better to plan ahead. With this free tool, you can do just that.

8. Contact Form 7

This tool, known as one of the best plugins for contact forms, is simple, flexible to use and you can cover all your needs with it.

The best thing about this plugin is the ability to personalize forms without any advanced knowledge. Everything is explained in detail. All you have to do is make the necessary changes, preview the form, and activate it when you're ready.

With more than a million active installations, you are not alone in your decision when installing and using Contact Form 7. It is truly one of the best contact form plugins out there.

9. Disable Comments

There are times when you don't want to allow readers to leave comments. This is often the case when you get a lot of spam.

It doesn't matter why you want to disable comments, this plugin will help you.

If you don't want to turn off comments on every page, you don't have to. You can select the sides specifically and thus ensure that you are always in control. You can also set up a deactivation of comments for certain types of posts.

10. Ninja Forms

More than just a cool name. This is how the plugin is described on the official download page:

“Create forms and manage contacts with a simple drag and drop interface. Contact forms, registration forms or any other type of form for WordPress. "

This plugin is all about creating attractive forms with little effort.

If Contact Form 7 isn't enough for you, Ninja Forms fills that gap.

It has many functions, including dozens of input fields that you can quickly add to any form. There are also built-in anti-spam features. You can create forms without worrying about spam. So you can lean back and relax.

11. BackWPup - WordPress Backup Plugin

When was the last time you created a backup of your WordPress site?

Even if your blog is only a few days old, you should let it become a habit. And with this plugin, it's very easy.

With BackWPup you can set up automated backups and thus ensure that you never forget a manual backup.

You can start with the free version. If you need more functions later, you can switch to the paid version.

Without a plugin that regularly backs up your site, you are taking a big risk. You should install and activate this or a similar plugin immediately.

12. WP Optimize

The official description of the plugin says it all:

"This simple, yet effective, plugin allows you to thoroughly clean your WordPress database and optimize it without manual steps."

You probably don't need this plugin for your website at first, but it's good to have it installed and ready for future use.

Some of the best features include:

  • Removal of deleted comments
  • Delete message junk
  • Removal of trackbacks and pingbacks

This plugin has a lot of features. So take the time to look at it carefully so that you know what it has to offer when you want to use it.

13. Broken Link Checker

Do you worry about broken links in your posts and on your pages?

You can of course check each page manually, but you can imagine how difficult this becomes as your blog grows. This is why this plugin has been installed over 400,000 times.

From monitoring your links to tracking down those that no longer work, this plugin does all the work for you.

Install the plugin right after you've created your first WordPress site. So it is already available to you while your blog grows.

14. The Events Calendar

It's not a much-needed plugin for every new WordPress site, but I've spoken to a lot of people who love its many features.

As the name suggests, you can use the plugin to share events with your audience.

Not only is it easy to use, the end result is a beautiful calendar with a professional design. Take a closer look here:

If you're looking for a simple and flexible plugin to share events on your WordPress site, you can get started right away with this plugin.

15. WP Maintenance Mode

Is your website in maintenance mode? Are you interested in letting your audience know that your website will be back online soon?

You can use this plugin to create a visually appealing page. It's easy to personalize, pleasant to use, and full of great features.

Some of the best features are:

  • Optional integration of a registration form
  • Attractive design
  • SEO options
  • Countdown timer

It's one of those plugins that you might already have in frontPublish your first WordPress site.

16. WP Google Maps

Are you looking for an easy way to add a personalized Google Map to your WordPress site?

Then this plugin is just right for you. For example, you can use it on your contact page so that your readers can better find your physical location (such as an office or a business).

The WP Google Maps plug-in is packed with functions and has over 300,000 active installations. To start, experiment with all nine card templates. This will help you find the design and layout that will best suit your site.

17. Yet Another Related Posts Plug-in (YARPP)

It's important to keep readers on your page for as long as possible. You should always keep this goal in mind, because it increases the chances of conversions and also supports your SEO efforts.

This plugin is all about keeping readers in mind by showing a list of related posts. You want your readers to switch from one post to the next so that they stay longer on your website.

Thanks to its unique algorithm, you don't have to do anything other than install the plugin.

18. Simple Custom CSS

If you are not yet familiar with WordPress and do not know how to adapt the code, you need this plugin.

With Simple Custom CSS you can add a personalized CSS to your website without the traditional difficulties.

It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users and ensures that everyone can add a personalized CSS to give their website the right look.

Tip: Some templates already have this function built in. Those who don't have it will benefit from this plugin.

19. WP Statistics

If you want to track traffic statistics - and you should - then you need to take a closer look at this plugin.

There are also external services that you can use, such as Google Analytics. But this plugin is often sufficient if you want to put your first page online.

Here are some of the features:

  • The ability to monitor online users, visitors, page statistics, and more
  • Extensive data, including country statistics, referring sources, top keywords and browser type
  • Interactive map showing the location of each visitor

You can also set the plugin to send you daily email reports.

20. Disqus Comment System

Not much can be said about the integrated WordPress comment system. If you want to improve this part of your site, you can use the Disqus plugin.

It has a lot to offer, the visual appearance is particularly great. You will also like that it offers a more interactive user experience.

It's hard to imagine the day you will get comments on all of your posts. But that will happen soon enough. And when the time comes, you want to have a strong and advanced comment system.

21. Instagram feed

Do you have a social media marketing plan?

If so, then Instagram is likely a part of it. If that's the case, you should install this plugin. This is how it is described:

"Show beautifully elegant, customizable, and engaging feeds from multiple Instagram accounts."

If the explanation is not enough for you, here is a screenshot of the plugin in action. It should give you a better idea of ​​what it has to offer:

Thanks to the option to fully personalize the look and feel of your Instagram feed, the result is always beautiful.


22. SEO Friendly Images

There are numerous details involved in creating an SEO-friendly website. Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of SEO when it comes to their images.

This plugin ensures that you won't make a mistake in this area.

By automatically adding alt and title attributes, you can be sure that every image is search engine optimized.

It's easy to use and install. It can also be customized to meet the needs of your website and your SEO approach.

23. Pretty Link Lite

This super efficient plugin has a lot of features.

In short, it gives you the option of shortening your links and using your own domain name. You heard that right, you can safely forget about bit.ly.

Creating clean links is probably your top priority, but you can also use the plugin to monitor and manage URLs.

Like some of the other plugins on this list, you may not be using Pretty Link Lite right away. But as you add more and more sub-pages, it will be of great use to you pretty soon.

24. Social media widget

Are you looking for a plugin that will help you make it easier for your readers to share your content on their social platforms?

The Social Media Widget plugin could be exactly what you need. There are many similar plugins out there, but this one is especially good for beginners because it is flexible and easy to use.

Icons can be personalized by choosing between three sizes and four designs. There are also four animation options.

This screenshot shows how easy it is to use the plugin:

All you have to do is enter your social urls and customize the design. As simple as that.

25. WP Google Fonts

Here is the official description of the plugin:

"The WP Google Fonts plugin allows you to easily add fonts from the Google Font Directory to the WordPress template."

Sometimes you need a unique font. And sometimes WordPress just doesn't have the right one. With this plugin you have instant access to hundreds of additional fonts.

This is what it looks like when you set it up:

The backend is easy to use and you can add new fonts in a flash.

Tip: Don't hesitate to install this plugin before you publish your page. Because maybe you'd rather use one of the Google fonts instead of the standard WP fonts.



WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems, and that is largely due to the availability of the many plugins.

As a beginner, using WordPress makes your life easier. In addition, you can improve the functionality of your site by installing one or more of the plugins mentioned above.

Have you already had experience with some of these plugins? Would you like to add more to this list? Tell me about it in the comments.