How did Ray Palmer die in Arrow

Atom (ray palmer)

Dr. Raymond "Ray" Palmer (Born 1981) is a businessman and CEO of Palmer Technologies, formerly known as Queen Consolidated. He becomes the superhero Atom over the course of the series.

Ray was engaged to Anna Loring, and later had an affair with Felicity Smoak, a member of Team Arrow. After designing an exo suit, he began fighting crime in Starling City, calling himself "Atom". While testing a new feature on his exosuit, Ray accidentally caused an explosion that shrunk him to a miniature size. He was unable to call for help, which is why his friends assumed he was dead.

After months, Ray managed to contact Felicity, but was captured by Damien Darhk for his technology. However, thanks to the efforts of Team Arrow, Ray was rescued and continued to support them in their fight against H.I.V.E ..

In early 2016, Ray was recruited by time traveler Rip Hunter to kill Vandal Savage.


Early years of life

During his student days, Ray was a student of Professor Martin Stein. Although he was one of his best students, Stein couldn't remember him when they later met.

Just before spring 2014, Ray got engaged to Anna Loring. While in Starling City, they were caught in the crossfire from Slade Wilson's attack on Oliver Queen. Ray attempted to fight Wilson's soldiers but was easily repelled, leading to Anna's death. Then he made a promise to himself that he would never kiss a woman again in order not to lose someone he loved and that he would find a way to protect his city from another attack.

Acquisition of Queen Consolidated

In late 2014, Ray visited a TechVillage in Starling City and met Felicity Smoak. He was curious why a woman of her intelligence would work in a TechVillage, so he mentioned that he was looking for someone who was tech-savvy. After she rejected his suggestion, he inquired about a satellite frequency communicator, which she did automatically since he had no knowledge of it. Ray used this satellite frequency communicator to hack the Queen Consolidated Servers to access the company's power. Some time later he visited Queen Consolidated to bid for the company. He introduced himself to Oliver Queen and greeted Felicity Smoak. He continued in the conference room and apologized that he was late. He mentioned that he parked his helicopter on the roof. After a moving speech from Oliver, Ray began his speech. When the picture opened, he noticed that one of the board members was wearing one of his smart watches. When he got back on track, Ray began talking about the specific numbers from Queen Consolidated, noting that the numbers on the screen (which he got using the satellite frequency communicator) weren't big enough for Wall Street were. However, he pointed out that the low percentages were not Oliver's fault, but the city as a whole. Ray described his hopes that Queen Consolidated would metaphorically "rise from the ashes" and that he would call the new version "Star City".

A few days later, Palmer bought the holding company, which owned all of the TechVillage stores. When Felicity heard the news, Ray tried to hire Felictiy for an office job, which she angrily refuses. Ray quickly realizes that Felicity wasn't angry with him and that something was wrong. In his Star City speech, he announced that he would use half of his fortune for the benefit of renaming Starling City to Star City. This utility was soon destroyed by Simon Lacroix, but Ray was unharmed. Ray was later surprised when Felicity accepted his job offer.

His favorite greeting is "Hi".