What are the saddest video games ever

Sad video games: these 14 games will make you cry

Video games are fun. They entertain us in a variety of ways. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes serious, sometimes ominous and sometimes scary. Then there are those who make us cry. A skill that only very good video games have, because we are not easily moved to tears. Here you will find the 14 saddest video games that are guaranteed not to leave your eyes dry. As spoiler-free as possible.

Life is strange

When Maxine "Max" Caulfield returns to her hometown Arcadia Bay after five years, she has no idea what exciting experiences await her. By chance she realizes that she can turn back time a few moments and thus saves the life of her childhood friend Cloe. The two get closer again and become involved in the mysterious case of Cloe's missing friend Rachel Ambers. The emotional search for answers lets you dive deeper and deeper into the world of Max, Cloe and Arcadia Bay. The decisions you have to make in the game make your eyes watery, especially towards the end.

With the spin-offs and sequels "Before the Storm", "The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit" and "Life is Strange 2", the developers Dontnod manage to tell more emotionally captivating and interestingly presented stories again and again. You can play the games from the Life is Strange series on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Heavy rain

In Heavy Rain you play Ethan Mars, who comes into contact with the notorious origami killer while searching for his missing son Shaun. This killer kidnaps and murders little boys and leaves them with origami figures in their hands on wasteland. Ethan Mars now has to prove his love for his son and is given various tasks by the origami killer, which he has to fulfill, otherwise he will never see his son again. How the game ends is entirely up to you, because the decisions you make determine the end of the game. The fate of the characters appearing and the type of narrative captivate and move to tears. You can play the game either in the 2010 version on the Playstation 3 or as a remaster on the Playstation 4 or PC.

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus starts sadly. In order to save the life of the love of his life, the protagonist makes his way to a temple that is said to have the power to bring the dead back to life. A sinister voice assigns him the task of destroying the 16 colossi, only then can the girl be resurrected. Of course, the protagonist sets off straight away. The colossi are the only beings that inhabit the barren and lonely world and so after a while you start to brood. Why should one kill the only living thing in this world? The right, atmospheric and very emotional music underlines the loneliness perfectly and is guaranteed to make your heart heavy. The game was released in 2006, back then for the Playstation 2, but there are now remakes for both the Playstation 3 and the Playstation 4.

Ori and the Blind Forest

In the wonderful jump `n` run from 2015 you play the protective spirit of the forest, Ori. Due to some devastating events, Ori was separated from the so-called ghost tree and is adopted and raised by the bear-like creature Naru. The years go by and the forest is dying. Due to a lack of food, Naru dies and Ori moves to the forest with sadness but still a little hope. There, however, his powers leave him and he too dies. The ghost tree revives Ori and gives him the task of restoring the forest to its former glory. The oppressive and sad mood is underlined by the wonderfully designed levels and the picturesque music. And one or the other may have lost a tear at the beginning.

You can play Ori and the Blind Forest on PC, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. The follow-up Ori and the Will oft he Wisps builds on the first part fabulously and is also very emotional.

The Last of Us

In 2013, a mutant fungus infected humanity, turning the majority of the population into zombie-like cannibals. Anyone who inhales the spores from the fungus or is bitten by an infected person is infected and also becomes infected within a short time. The game itself is set 20 years later, in 2033. Joel, one of the survivors and black marketeers in the quarantine zone in Boston, is accidentally asked to smuggle 14-year-old Ellie out of this quarantine zone and bring her to a rebel group. On the way there, Ellie and Joel not only stand in the way of death and the infected: soldiers also want to bring Ellie into their power. Dead, loneliness, hopelessness and dangerous infected people, this game takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride.

You can play The Last of Us either on the Playstation 3 or as a remake on the Playstation 4. The long-awaited sequel “The Last of Us II” promises to be just as emotional and epic as the first part.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

In order to save the doomed father, the brothers Naia and Naiee need the so-called “water of life”, which can only be obtained from the distant tree of life. The brothers have to endure some adventures and save some destinies before they get to the destination of the journey. However, there will only be a safe homecoming for one. The story should not be spoiled too much at this point. The best thing to do is experience “Brothers: A Tale, often wo Sons” for yourself and immerse yourself in a wonderful atmospheric world with wonderful music. Let yourself be taken on the dangerous and emotional journey of Naia and Naiee on the Playstation 3 & 4, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One as well as the PC.

To the moon

The game "To the Moon" for the PC has a look of its own because it was programmed with the RPG Maker. Nevertheless, the game impresses with its rousing story and sensitive music. The company "Sigmund Corp." enables dying customers to implant artificial memories in order to make dying "more pleasant" for them, since they mainly remember beautiful things. The employees Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts are supposed to fulfill his lifelong dream for the dying Johnny Wyles. He always wanted to go to the moon. To “grant” him this wish, the two employees have to travel through Johnny's memories and plant memories of a trip to the moon in him. They experience the hard and sad life of Johnny, who not only has to deal with the loss of his brother. An exciting and emotional journey.

What remains of Edith Finch

In this 2017 adventure game, available for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, you play 17-year-old Edith Finch, who is returning to her family home after seven years. Little by little you will explore the rooms and the stories of the people who lived in them. All family members died mysteriously and each story leaves one a little more melancholy. Edith explores the house to make a family tree and tell her child - she is 22 weeks pregnant - about the family history. But the family curse doesn't seem to pass her by either. “What remains of Edith Finch” offers only two hours of playing time, but knows how to fill it with beautifully designed rooms and suitable music.

the Walking Dead

The universe of “Walking Dead” no longer only includes comics and television series, the Telltale games are also an integral part of the zombie-infested world. The first game in the series revolves around protagonist Lee Everett, who is about to be taken to prison at the beginning. A so-called walker drives the sheriff's car off the road and Lee gets caught in the zombie apocalypse. On his escape from the walker, he finds shelter in an empty house, where he finds 8-year-old Clementine and saves her from another walker. He takes her with him and promises to take her to her parents. In the course of the story, the two get to know new comrades and friends with whom they struggle through the zombie-infested world of America. The bond between Lee and Clementine becomes so strong as the game progresses that the end of the first episode will certainly not pass you by without a trace. In the following parts, Clementine's story is told, which is characterized by grief and setbacks, death and loss. You can experience the Walking Dead games on the Playstation 3, 4 and Vita as well as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

That Dragon, Cancer

You will learn the true story of Joel, Ryan and Amy's son, who was diagnosed with cancer when he was just one year old. The game is about the experiences and experiences of Ryan and Amy in dealing with their terminally ill child. Originally, Joel was only supposed to live a few months after the diagnosis, but lived another four years. In this point-and-click adventure you will experience the ups and downs of this period in a way that a film could never bring you closer. The minimalist adventure “The Dragon, Cancer” from 2016 for the PC is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Last Day of June

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Blackwood Crossing


Video games are supposed to entertain us. But sometimes they are also sad, move us to tears or make us think. Sometimes this sadness and the melancholy it evokes still hang in the air after playing. You should definitely have played these 14 sad video games. But maybe one at a time and with a little bit of space so that you can recover from the emotional roller coaster rides.