How do I take part in the Toastmaster Championship

Invitation to the District 95 Conference from May 7th to 9th, 2021

We cordially invite you to a conference with competitions, keynotes, workshops, panel discussions, networking and, above all, lots of fun. A conference where you can see your division champions, grow and be comfortable with other Toastmasters. Come with us! When: from Friday, May 7th at 5pm to Sunday, May 9th at 6pm.

A conference full of competitions, learning, networking & fun

  • Listen to the 2013 world champion in public speech, Pres Vasilev.
  • Learn new skills in up to 14 workshops, panel discussions and interviews.
  • Help us with our 6 speech competitions, each with 8 division winners.
  • Networks with over 350 toastmasters from Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden.
  • Challenge yourself in our impromptu speech marathon
  • Exciting new conference platform - no zoom.
  • Free for all Toastmasters in District 95.

Where: Online on an exciting new conference platform called 'Hopin' (not Zoom!).

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During the conference, the best of our eight divisions will compete for the championship in the district. You will take part in the competitions for prepared speech, assessment and impromptu speeches in English and German. Watch them fill their content with life. Or - even better - take part as a competition director, judge or in one of the many other roles.

We Toastmasters like change. But have you ever been changed by a tire? In his keynote speech, 2013 World Public Speaking Champion Pres Vasilev explains how a tire changed his life when he stormed Toastmasters Olympus. He explains what technical skills, but even more personal growth, are necessary to win the international speech contest. And how a tire - the subject of his award speech - changed his life forever. You can network with Pres and chat with him after his keynote.

Do you want to learn new skills? We organized 14 workshops to encourage your personal growth. Learn from trusted trainers in our district. We asked them to present self-development topics that go beyond rhetoric - or look at a traditional Toastmasters topic from a new angle. We also offer two panel discussions, one controversial and one informative. We have also put together several interviews for you.

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Many of us are struggling with lockdown. You also? Then look forward to extreme mountaineer David Göttler, our German keynote speaker. He explains how he motivates himself to live for almost two months in a tent surrounded only by boulders, rubble, snow and ice. How he waits for the right day to conquer Mount Everest. You will find many parallels with your personal and even business life.

Have you ever written a book Or do you have something interesting to report? Then set up a dealer or exhibition stand in our expo area. Read from your book. Present your content. For example, how you chartered a club during the Covid period. Why you are running for office in District 95. Or whatever you think is newsworthy. You can even link your booth to an online sales channel. Register for the conference here and let us know your plans. If you want to know how a booth works, check out one of these videos on YouTube. Or read the information on our homepage.

Maybe your head will spin after a while. Because you can easily get a little too much from listening a lot. Then take part in our impromptu speeches marathon! From morning to evening we have reserved a conference room for impromptu speeches on Saturday and Sunday. Anyone can take part, even several times. You can be an impromptu speaker yourself for an hour. Do you want? Let us know when you sign up.

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Do you need a break? Just want to chat? To meet new people? Do you exchange ideas with Toastmasters from other countries? Get a hot drink and come to our conference café! Here you can chill, but together with other toastmasters. We also have a networking function that works like speed dating. Click a button and you will be sent to a room for 2 minutes with whoever clicks the same button next. And who knows what will happen then ... - Register and take part!

All of these exciting events would be difficult to manage in Zoom. That's why we decided on a new platform: Hopin. It is a platform that has already been used by the United Nations and that can address up to 100,000 people at the same time. Hopin corresponds to the platform that Toastmasters International used for the international conference last year. Of course, only the best is good enough for us! The platform is intuitive for guests, but some details are new for speakers, MCs, timekeepers and workshop leaders. We will therefore train you before the event. If you want to take on a role, please register.

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Our conference may seem exciting, but it is also long and exhausting. Don't despair - just choose the content you like. And best of all: Our core concept is to repeat the highlights! We are of course happy if you stay with us all the time. But you don't have to. Choose the times that suit you best. And if your favorite two workshops overlap, don't worry: there will be a repetition!

You can find the agenda here.