What's going on in Indonesia


Missing Indonesian submarine found: 53 crew members dead

The Indonesian army's submarine had been missing since Wednesday. Now it is clear: there is no more hope. The boat sank and the 53 crew members died. Four days after its disappearance off the coast of Bali, the Indonesian Navy ... more

Missing Indonesian submarine believed to have sunk

53 people are in mortal danger: ships have been searching for a submarine off the Indonesian island of Bali for days. Now the Navy announces that several items have been found from the boat. The Indonesian that disappeared off the island of Bali ... more

Oxygen is running out: Indonesian submarine crew in mortal danger

A submarine sank hundreds of meters in Indonesia. 53 people are running out of air. Several countries support a rescue operation - but the chances are falling. Time is running out: The submarine KRI Nanggala-402 of the Indonesian Navy has been missing since Wednesday ... more

Submarine still missing off Bali - USA sends aid

Time is becoming increasingly scarce: Experts estimate that the 53 sailors in the submarine missing off Bali only have enough oxygen until Saturday morning. The search is being intensified, also with international help. Race against ... more

Bali: Missing submarine could be 700 meters under water

A submarine of the Indonesian Navy built in Kiel was on its way to an exercise. Contact broke off in the middle of the night. Numerous people are now missing. North of Bali, a submarine of the Indonesian Navy with dozens of crew members ... more

Bali: shipwrecked man survived two weeks on the open sea

A shipwrecked man survived on the open sea for two whole weeks off Bali. A dead person has already been rescued, five other people are still missing. An Indonesian spent two weeks on the open sea clinging to a wooden plank in the water ... more

Coronavirus: What travelers need to know now

The disease spread very quickly. For some vacationers this means: The trip is canceled. In some cases, however, this does not apply - and there is no money back. The coronavirus has spread rapidly around the world ... more

Travel Alone: ​​The Best Solo Vacation Destinations

Be independent, without compromise: traveling alone is becoming increasingly popular. Which travel destinations offer the perfect conditions for your vacation. Regardless of whether you are single or taken: More and more people are making a conscious decision to go on vacation without company ... more

Volcano erupted again in Bali - kilometer-high ash clouds

There was a volcanic eruption early in the morning on the Indonesian island of Bali. Ash clouds rose miles high into the sky. The warning level is on the second highest level. The Agung volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali is early in the morning (local time ... more

Indonesia closes Komodo Island for one year

The Indonesian island of Komodo is to remain closed to tourists in 2020. This is how the rare monitor lizards are to be protected. In addition, the time should be used for new planting. Indonesia wants to close its dragon island Komodo for a year. The island ... more

Bali: Man smuggles drug-stunned orangutan baby

Sad find in Bali: A Russian tries to smuggle a baby orangutan into the airport. The monkey has been drugged and has been unconscious for hours. It's not the only animal in the man's luggage. On the Indonesian holiday island of Bali ... more

Indonesia: Authorities stop searching for thousands of missing people

Thousands of people are still missing in Indonesia after the earthquake and tsunami. However, the authorities have stopped the search. Over 2,000 victims have already been pronounced dead. Almost two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami disaster on the Indonesian island ... more

Indonesia: Another earthquake - at least three dead

The earth is shaking again on the Pacific Ring of Fire: a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck near Papua New Guinea. At least three people were killed in Indonesia. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific island nation on Thursday ... more

Indonesia: death toll rises to over 1200

After almost four days, the extent of the tsunami disaster in Indonesia is slowly becoming clear. More than 1,200 people are dead. Chaos is growing on the island of Sulawesi. After the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Indonesia, helpers made another gruesome discovery ... more

Severe aftershock hits Lombok: at least 227 dead

The Indonesian holiday island of Lombok was hit again by an earthquake. Four days after a severe earthquake, at least 227 people died. There was a severe aftershock on the Indonesian holiday island of Lombok on Thursday. Four days earlier ... more

Indonesia: Hundreds of hikers safe after earthquake

More than 500 hikers were saved by a volcano after a severe earthquake in Indonesia. Boulders and mud had made a normal descent impossible. After the severe earthquake on the Indonesian holiday island of Lombok ... more

Earthquake in Indonesia: At least 14 dead on Lombok

An earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok killed at least 14 people. Over 160 people were injured. Authorities speak of a very strong quake. On the Indonesian holiday island of Lombok, an earthquake on Sunday at least ... more

Quiz: do you know about volcanoes?

Volcanoes rage regularly around the world - sometimes in Indonesia, sometimes in Bali, sometimes in Iceland. In our volcano quiz you can test how well you are familiar with the lava-spouting giants ... more

Diving in Bali: Most of Indonesia's diving centers

Diving in Bali means diving on the so-called "island of the gods" - picturesque beaches, azure blue water and breathtaking underwater worlds guarantee an unforgettable diving holiday here. Did you know that Bali has most of the diving centers in Indonesia ... more