Why is entrepreneurship so great

Why entrepreneurship is so important in the business world

"A person who sets up one or more companies and accepts a financial risk in the hope of profit."

This is an official definition of the "entrepreneur". And for most of us it's probably exactly what we dream of: running our own company, founding a start-up, causing a sensation in the market with innovative ideas. The Master in Entrepreneurship program at WHU provides students with state-of-the-art instruments and methods in the field of entrepreneurship. It also offers access to the unique corporate WHU network. Perfect for those who have bold ideas and are ready to move them forward. But what if entrepreneurship can also be used in a completely different way?

Enrolling in this degree doesn't mean that you have to have a great idea in mind, ready for the perfect moment to implement it. Rather, the course is there to hone your entrepreneurial spirit in the world of large corporations - it can help you stand out from the crowd.

The “Corporate Entrepreneurship” course, which you are taking as part of the Master in Entrepreneurship, aims to do just that. It is designed for all those who are interested in how managers create, develop and maintain ideas, and for those who want to build innovative new companies or initiatives within their organization. The course enables students to work extensively with some leading German companies.

“This course is about getting to know innovative companies and understanding their attitudes towards innovation and entrepreneurship. We want to learn from these companies: How they deal with start-ups, what new types of instruments and methods they use, and how they attract and promote entrepreneurial talent, ”explains Professor Dr. Christoph Hienerth, Academic Director of the Master in Entrepreneurship.

The course begins with a visit to Viessmann HQ and ends two months later at eprimo GmbH, where the students present their founding ideas to the management. “Viessmann and eprimo are among the most innovative companies in their industry. They both operate in sectors of the economy that are affected by massive turbulence and disruptions. Nevertheless, they are intensively pushing their innovation agenda, ”says Professor Hienerth. “This course is essential because it is based on two pillars, just like the program itself: The pillar of start-ups and founders and the pillar of entrepreneurs and innovations within a company. We want to understand how these two pillars can come together to create synergies. "

Click on the videos to hear from Tobias Oudina (eprimo) and Fabian Stern (Viessmann) why they are looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit for their companies!