How often should a baby bathe

Baby: how often should parents bathe their offspring?

Daily bathing is not good for babies' skin. Because this is particularly sensitive. How often should the offspring go into the tub instead?

Daily bathing can dry out the sensitive and still thin skin of babies, warns the professional association of paediatricians (BVKJ). Bathing one to three times a week is enough for babies. Premature babies should therefore be bathed every four days; their skin has an even lower protective barrier at the beginning.

Do not bathe the newborn until the navel has healed

To protect against inflammation, the umbilical remnant must be skinned before the first bath. In addition, the body temperature must first stabilize before it is time for the first trip to the bathtub. The baby should not bathe in the first few weeks of life. Usually the aftercare midwife or pediatrician gives the go-ahead.

As soon as you can start, the following applies: You do not bathe on an empty stomach, but also not directly after a meal. Before taking in the bath water, check that the baby bath is secure. Have a towel ready. The water is ideally around body temperature (37 degrees). Check it with a thermometer so that it is not too hot or too cold. At best, it reaches just below or above the child's shoulders.

This is the best way to bathe the baby

Better than bubble baths and normal soaps are pH-neutral and lipid-replenishing additives. "Support your baby's head and neck with your non-dominant arm and let your baby slide into the water feet first. Hold your baby's back on your forearm and your head with your hand," says pediatrician Dr . Monika Niehaus. The bath should not last longer than five to ten minutes so as not to soften the skin too much.

For care afterwards, emollients (water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions) are ideal, especially those based on sunflower oil. Vaseline or paraffin oils are less suitable. According to an American study, they can promote bacterial attack on the skin. Powder should also be avoided during the newborn period: it can clog the skin pores and be accidentally inhaled by the baby.

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