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iPhone: Hide photos and videos - that's how it works

The Photos app from Apple already offers a way to hide photos, but it does not offer complete security. That's why we're showing you Private Photo Vault, an app from the AppStore that you can use to completely hide photos from prying eyes.

Hide iPhone photos with the Photos app

The Photos app comes with an album for hidden photos. Images you add here disappear from years, collections, and moments. With iOS 11, Apple finally removed the photos from “All Photos”. But one problem remains. The "hidden" album can be opened by anyone who starts the Photos app. Only the code of the mobile phone protects your recordings.

To hide a photo, tap it in the Photos app and click the Share icon. In the menu that appears, go to "Hide". You may have to swipe to the side a few times in the lower row of symbols. After you have pressed "Hide" you have to confirm your selection again.

Tip: You can also hide multiple images at once. To do this, go to "Select" in the top right corner of the photo overview. Then mark all the recordings you want. You can then continue using the "Share" function.

You can find your hidden photos in the album of the same name. At the bottom right, tap Albums. If you have never used the function before, you will find the album near the bottom of the list. To make an image visible again, open it, go to "Share" and tap on "Show".

Hide iPhone photos with Private Photo Vault

The Private Photo Vault app stores sensitive photos and videos with a PIN or pattern lock. If someone tries to start the app secretly, the break-in attempt is logged with the location where it took place. In addition, Private Photo Vault takes a photo of the attacker with the iPhone's front camera.

For example, you can transfer recordings from the Photos app, iTunes or email to the Private Photo Vault. There is also an integrated browser with which you can surf the net for recordings and download them to the app.

Private Photo Vault is free to download and is ad supported. In order to remove the advertising you have to pay a one-time payment of 4.49 euros.

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