What is the point of praying

On the meaning of prayer - explanation and prayers

Praying to God is not, as some believe, a response from naive, gullible people who turn to God in trouble and imagine that He will answer their call. For what the initiates call prayer is based on knowledge of the structure of the universe.
There are subtle regions in the universe that are populated by spiritual beings. What we need for our physical and mental life, we can ask with the help of prayer from the subtle regions, and we will receive help from God and from the beings who live in these regions.

part One
From earth to heaven ... and from heaven to earth

Part II
Who do we turn to when we pray to God?
1. God - The concept of a hierarchical order
2. The basics of prayer:
3. Our connection with God is a state of consciousness
4. The capture of a divine element
5. A summit to be reached within us
6. The wheels of our psychic instruments
7. When we will enjoy praying more than being heard

Part III
What we have to do to be heard
1. Plant the seed
2. Wishing the good is not enough
3. Giving something in exchange for what is asked
4. Turn to
5. Faith supported by effort
6. Raising the level of consciousness
7. Find the right wavelength
8. The word helps thoughts and feelings to incarnate
9. Create a state of harmony within
10. Change the goals of our life
11. Heaven's Answers

Part IV
Prayers (over 100 prayers not here
can be listed individually).

Part V
Pray together for the coming of the kingdom of God