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Emirates could accelerate A380 farewell

The European aircraft manufacturer has so far delivered 242 copies of the Airbus A380. Of these 115 went to Emirates. The golf airline will receive eight more super jumbos, after which production of the iconic aircraft model will end.

The Airbus A380 could also disappear from the air faster than expected. Emirates is considering accelerating the phasing out of its superjumbos in the face of the corona crisis, reports the Bloomberg news agency, citing insiders. Company President Tim Clark said last September: "The fleet will stabilize at around 115 and then drop to 90 to 100 in the next decade." A380s will still be used in 2035. This could change now.

A380s become spare parts stores

Emirates originally ordered 162 Airbus A380s. But in February 2019, the model's biggest customer cut the order to just 123, giving the program the fatal blow. In September, the airline then decommissioned the first two A380s. It is preferable to retire the written off jets than "buy a new landing gear for $ 25 million," said Clark at the time.

In general, decommissioned A380s could initially serve as spare parts suppliers for the jets that are still flying, according to the airline president. Even back then, Clark did not see any chances of sales: "Obviously there is no demand on the used market." Due to the corona crisis, other operators are now considering an early departure from the A380, even if it can still be used as a temporary cargo plane.

Up to 30,000 jobs at risk

Emirates is now also considering cutting around 30,000 of its 105,000 jobs, according to Bloomberg's information. That would be significantly more than the 10,000 jobs that are in danger at Lufthansa, the 12,000 that IAG wants to cut and the 20,000 that are wobbling at Air Canada. Emirates has so far neither confirmed nor denied the report.

The golf airline doesn’t want to comment on the topic. «There was no announcement of mass layoffs. Any such decision would be appropriately communicated. As in any responsible company, our management team has instructed all departments to do a thorough review of costs and resource planning based on business forecasts, even as we prepare for a gradual resumption of operations, ”said an Emirates spokesman.