What are your favorite dubstep artists?

Dubstep phenomenon: From the underground to the big stages

Roaring bass, twitching beats, gloomy mood.

Dubstep is currently the most exciting variety of electronic music. Dubstep artists fill the largest halls around the world. The genre is also enjoying success in this country: With “Too Close” by Alex Clare, a dubstep song topped the German single charts for the first time.

He is the current star of the German hit parade: With his single "Too Close" from the album "The Lateness Of The Hour" the Briton Alex Clare (27) achieved a premiere. For the first time, a dubstep song was number one in the German single charts. A success that Clare owes not least to the software giant Microsoft, who used the song for a commercial for the new Internet browser.

Alex Clare is currently one of the most successful artists in a genre that emerged in London's underground clubs in the early 2000s. The pioneers of dubstep listened to names like Hatcha, Skream and Benga and developed a new, sometimes aggressive, sometimes melancholy variation of electronic music from musical influences such as Jungle, Garage and 2Step.

Not only thanks to Alex Clare, Dubstep is now chartable. The Briton James Blake became a favorite with critics in 2011 with his self-titled album. The 24-year-old American Skrillex not only played in sold-out halls in Germany this year. And the British Katy B, in 2011 with the dubstep-inspired album "On A Mission" at number two in the British charts, recorded the official Coka-Cola promotional song for the 2012 Olympic Games in London with star producer Mark Ronson.

Another shooting star on the scene is the US DJ Bassnectar. Still an insider tip in Germany, the musician already fills the largest halls in his home country. Now he also wants to convince the German dubstep fans. At this year's twin festival Hurricane and Southside (June 22nd to 24th) he will play exclusively on German soil for the first time and present his album "Vava Voom".

So it is only a matter of time before Bassnectar is no longer just an insider tip in Germany.