Should a man who eats tiger be killed

Tiger kills man (19) in front of the visitors | Serious allegations
against zoo in New Delhi

New Delhi -A white tiger crept menacingly around a huddled man who had recently entered the enclosure in the New Delhi zoo. Again and again the imposing big cat paused, never let the intruder out of sight. The man was in dire mortal danger - but nothing happened for 15 minutes to save him!

Dozens of visitors witnessed the collective failure of the zoo employees that day, reports "The Independent". Because none of those responsible showed up, the viewers would have had to take action themselves - with fatal consequences!

Because: It was only when, after excruciatingly long minutes, people began to throw stones and sticks at the predator in order to scare it away that the tiger attacked and tore the defenseless man to pieces.

Those responsible claim to have sounded the alarm immediately - but according to eyewitnesses, nothing happened.

An anesthetic of the tiger was not possible anyway, said zoo director RA Khan "The Times of India": "The angry people think we could have quieted the tiger. But they should know that it can take up to 15 minutes for the animal to pass out. "

As a result, the minutes seemed to pass by without doing anything. It was only when the tiger carried his fatally injured victim through the enclosure after the attack in his mouth that the employees were able to lure him away from the man with meat and knock signals, reports "The Times of India".

The Ministry of Environment and Forests in New Delhi has now ordered an investigation into the incident.

The police should also clarify how the victim Maqsood Khan, who, according to local media, was between 19 and 23 years old, was even able to get into the enclosure.

As "The Independent" writes, several visitors could have seen how Khan climbed over a fence, stood on a stone border of the enclosure and pelted the tiger with stones. When swinging back, he would have lost his balance and fell almost six meters.

However, the zoo employees tell a completely different story!

Praveen Kumar, in charge of security at the enclosure, told the Hindustan Times: “The man leaned over the railing, I whistled him back - but he wouldn't listen. When he started throwing stones, I reached out for him. But then I had to take care of some excited students, I lost sight of him for a moment - by then he had already jumped into the enclosure. "

The day after the bloody attack: Thousands besiege the tiger enclosure

The tragic incident at the New Delhi Zoo made Tiger Vijay (7) an absolute crowd puller overnight!

According to the Hindustan Times, the day after the fatal attack, more than 3,000 onlookers crowded the enclosure of the White Tiger to take a look at the predator.

A zoo visitor told the newspaper: “The whole family sat in front of the television yesterday and saw the attack, today we wanted to see the tiger with our own eyes. The children in particular were very curious and insisted on going to the zoo today. "

But the onlookers were disappointed: Vijay was not allowed into the enclosure the day after the incident, according to "The Times of India" for three days under close scrutiny.

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