Which artist sang the song Mama

Schlager: The man who paid homage to "Mama Leone" is dead

"Mama Leone, you have to be an angel" - this is how one of the most poignant (and lucrative) declarations of love of the past decades begins. It was purely platonic. Benedetto Arico, who called himself Bino as an artist, dedicated his song to Mother Teresa. That was in 1997. It is not known whether he had the Catholic nun from Calcutta in mind 19 years earlier when he performed his song “Mama Leone” for the first time. He can now confess it to her. At the age of 57, Bino has now died in his native city of Palermo.

He had actually wanted to become an architect in order to continue his father's business. But the desire to become a musician was stronger. He took him to Germany in 1975, initially to the Black Forest, where he founded his first band. A music producer in Hamburg finally noticed him. He knew a song by Drafi Deutscher, which Mike Mareen had initially interpreted. Bino got the second chance in 1978.

"Mama Leone", sung in German and Italian, sold more than 20 million copies and was at the top of Central European charts for months. Two more songs ("Bambino", "Maria") followed, but with less success. But the hymn to the mother who sings “the evening song for us” was enough to give Bino a reasonably carefree life on Mallorca. In 1997 he dedicated his song to Mother Teresa. A musical comeback together with Drafi Deutscher failed a few years ago, however.

Bino returned to Palermo once more seriously ill. "In the end he had seven malignant tumors in his head," "Bild" quotes a friend. Bino's suffering is now over.

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