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Texts of the Month 2021 - The Big Twelve

The Literaturhaus Zürich has been running the “Texts of the Month” writing competition for 20 years, with the support of the Zürcher Kantonalbank. For each year, a topic is given that the participants should take up in their texts, at the end of each month a jury selects the “text of the month” from the entries.

The year 2020 raised many questions about the meaning of our (together) life, about what is important to us. In 2021 we will therefore be asking existentially about the “Big Twelve” - about those feelings and emotions that determine our lives and behavior. We provide eleven topics - in December you can decide for yourself what still belongs on this list for you.

We look forward to your texts!

Topics January to December

January: hope
February: anger
March: luck
April: shame
May: joy
June: fear
July: desire
August: Meekness
September: envy
October: longing
November: pity
December: You decide (Attention, the deadline is December 5th!)

This is how the winning texts are chosen

At the end of each month, three jury members - the jury consists of Gesa Schneider and Isabelle Vonlanthen from the Literaturhaus Zürich as well as Florian Bissig, Catharina Fingerhuth, Elisa Fuchs, Christoph Kuhn, Jens Nielsen and Davina Rodgers - judge the entries and select the “Text of the Month”. This will be published on this page of the website in the following month.

Those are the laurels

The monthly winners will be invited to appear in the Literaturhaus and their texts will be published in an anthology, which will then be sent out to publishers and the media. The texts are proofread for the anthology.

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