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Fortnite on the Switch: this is how it plays!

Players are now playing "Fortnite" on the Nintendo Switch!

At E3 2018, Nintendo announced that the battle royale hit "Fortnite" is now also available for the Nintendo Switch. However, this announcement causes a lot of trouble with direct competitor Sony, because crossplay between the PS4 and the switch is not possible. The company is already driving this hard edge with Microsoft's Xbox One. Worse still: If you have used your "Fortnite" account once with the PS4, it will no longer be playable for the other consoles - in this case you will have to create a completely new account. Your previous progress and cosmetic items will of course not be available.

Fortnite: That's how good the Switch version is

The switch version could be nicer and touchscreen functions would certainly suit the title. Apart from that, the multiplayer hit is already running quite well and, thanks to full controller support, plays more precisely than the mobile version, especially on the go. It's also nice that Epic is constantly delivering software updates and even bothered to implement native voice chat, which does not require a companion app. Switch fans and mobile gamers should definitely take a look.


  • Same content as the other versions
  • Cross-play with PC, Mac, iOS and Xbox One is supported
  • Nice HD rumble effects
  • Runs very stable, but only with a maximum of 30 frames per second
  • Control is quickly internalized
  • Download only takes 2 GB
  • In-game voice chat support (no app required)
  • Recording of short video clips is possible


  • Optically okay, but with a lot of podium formation and various pop-ups
  • Unfortunately not 60 frames per second like on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
  • The touchscreen is not supported in the menus or in the game
  • No cross-play with PS4 friends
  • Takes up the battery of the switch
  • "Save the World" co-op not yet included

Assessment of the editors


Fortnite: Stress with PS4 Crossplay

After the constant fire from the social networks, Sony has now reacted and issued a statement to the BBC. It states that the company is always interested in its players and the gaming experience. In addition, the community is huge with 80 million active users per month and crossplay between the PlayStation 4 and PC, Mac, iOS and Android is quite possible. Concrete statements about the Xbox One or the Switch are searched in vain. Sony may change its mind if the waves beat even higher on the subject. Are you considering switching to the switch version? We tell you what to expect!

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Fornite: The Switch version is that good

The first positive surprise: The Switch version of the currently most popular battle royale experience is surprisingly compact with a download size of two gigabytes. Before you start after the installation, however, the creation of an Epic Games account is on the agenda. Important: If you already have such an account from a PC, Mac, Xbox One or iOS installation of the game, you can easily take it over. A link to a “Fortnite” PS4 account, however, is not permitted, as competitor Sony is not doing it here. Alternatively, the account creation can also be skipped. The possibility of forming a cross-platform team with friends on PC, Mac, Xbox One and / or iOS is then left out.

Fortnite: that's how good the game is on the Switch

Same content, but technically weaker
Once ready to go, connoisseurs can expect the usual "Fortnite - Battle Royale" experience, because in terms of content, the Switch version is identical to the other versions. The recent map updates, such as the crater in the middle of the game world, are just as present as all of the Season 4 challenges.

Technically, the Switch version does a pretty good job. Matchmaking usually takes less than 40 seconds, loading times are reasonable and the in-house Unreal 4 engine handles the action in most situations at a constant 30 frames per second. The latter, however, not without certain losses. Shadows on the ground, for example, build up visible in parts and objects that suddenly appear at a greater distance from the character are not uncommon - especially in handheld mode.

Be it the meteorite crater on the left in the picture or other gameplay changes from the last updates: In terms of content, the Switch version is identical to the other versions.

Because Epic reduces anti-aliasing to a minimum, many objects and character models also clearly show the formation of a podium. This is less of a problem in handheld mode, but the frayed edges on the television are angry. In other words: You can tell that the makers had to make compromises due to the limited switch performance. The high battery consumption of the game in handheld mode should also not be ignored. Nevertheless: The playability is given at all times, although Switch gamers will probably not be able to enjoy 60 frames per second in the future either.

And the controls? It quickly becomes part of the flesh and blood, inspires with sensitive HD rumble effects and can be adjusted in numerous points - for example, doors can optionally open automatically. It is also nice that "Fortnite" offers an in-game voice chat for teams and only requires headphones with a headset function. For comparison: “Splatoon 2” can only do this feat with the help of Nintendo's smartphone-based Switch companion app.

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