Can I trust CNN

Confidence in US news media is falling

More than three quarters (77%) of US citizens believe that traditional TV stations and newspapers spread "fake news". 31 percent think this happens regularly, while 46 percent believe it happens at least occasionally. This is the result of a recent survey by the American Monmouth University, New Jersey.

This means that the proportion of those who assume that fake news is spread by traditional media at least occasionally has increased significantly compared to last year, because in 2017 "only" 63 percent of US citizens held this opinion. The increase was recorded among supporters of the Republican Party (89% versus 79% in 2017), the Democratic Party (61% versus 43%) and the independents (82% versus 66%).

A quarter of the respondents (25%) said that for them the term "fake news" only applies to reports in which the facts are misrepresented. However, 65 percent are of the opinion that editorial decisions, such as which events are reported and which are not, can be viewed as "fake news".

Specifically, questions were also asked about the credibility of the three major news channels CNN, MSNBC and Fox News compared to the trustworthiness of US President Donald Trump. Almost half of respondents (48%) trust CNN more than Trump, while 35 percent say they trust Trump more than CNN.