Why tennis is so popular

What tennis really is - and what isn't

While the fast ball sport is now a tough tournament business for professionals - including many notable Austrians - tennis was a pastime of the "upper class" around 1900.

But what was once the “white sport” is much older and has changed a lot accordingly. Only the somewhat strange way of counting the points has always remained the same.

From elite fun to popular sport

Formerly decried as an elite sport, the hunt for the yellow felt ball is now also very popular across the board. Regardless of whether it's a sweaty single or a cozy double.

However, there are still a lot of prejudices. We asked Karolina Godina what was behind the clichés. Because she is not only a fitness coach, but also a state-certified tennis teacher, referee, Tennis4Kids trainer and most often to be found on the UTC court.

“Tennis has opened a lot of doors for me. No other sport manages to be so much fun, to strengthen your stamina and to keep you connected all over the world into old age. Playing partners are welcome everywhere, ”she says.

Tennis players are welcome everywhere. No other sport manages to be so much fun, to strengthen stamina and to connect all over the world.

Karolina Godina, tennis professional

4 common myths about tennis

“Tennis is elitist

Fact: 30 or 40 years ago it was only possible to join a tennis club on recommendation, through relationships and with a very, very high registration fee. Colorful colors in your outfit? Unthinkable - if you didn't wear white, you had to leave the place. Nowadays it's different, says expert Godina: “Street tennis is booming, and there are courts that can be booked for as little as a few euros per hour. High fees are hard to find, and depending on your budget, there are different clubs that come into question. You have to invest in equipment, but this is a cost factor in almost every sport. "

“It takes years to learn tennis

Speed, coordination and a good eye are important to learn this sport. The basic technique should, if possible, be worked out with a trainer, as incorrect movements can quickly lead to injuries. But as long as the playing partners are at a similar level, they can experience a lot of fun and great games after just a little training. "A nice double, a joke tournament or just hitting balls against the wall - anyone can play tennis if they want," says the professional trainer.

"You need a partner"

No, that's really not true - on the contrary, says Coach Godina: “All over the world, you can make friends if you have mastered this sport! Come to a club and you will find a lot of partners, if there is someone on site to make you known, it will be even faster! There are networks and WhatsApp groups that can even be used to spontaneously find someone to play with. Tennis wall or ball throwing machine can also help out in an emergency. "

“Tennis is bad for your joints

"Stop & Go" and jerky movements as well as turning movements are not the best for our musculoskeletal system. However - with measure and aim, you can enjoy this sport for a long time in a well-groomed doubles or with a trainer and keep your cardiovascular system on the go. Godina: “I have a dear customer who is already over 80 and keeps playing balls with me for half an hour. Flawlessly and without jerky movements. "

So what is it about playing tennis?

  1. Good for the fitness level: Of course, you can spend an hour on the seat more for chatting than for exercising. But if you want, you can burn more than 1000 calories in a single. Even in an intensive session with the trainer, 700 to 900 calories are diluted.
  2. High fun factor and speed: Lots of sprints, long rallies and punching movements get your pulse racing.
  3. The cardiovascular system is strengthened, plenty of fresh air and vitamin D for our immune system do the rest.
  4. As a tennis player you will meet like-minded people all over the world and you are welcome almost everywhere.
  5. A break for our stressed thoughts. You are guaranteed to forget everyday life. And just focus on the yellow ball. So you can forget everything that goes around in life.

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