Which novel has the best character development

Rarely is there such a strong character development in a novel

Forever Free - San Teresa University
by Kara Atkin

Rated 5 stars

"Freedom. It tastes like vanilla ice cream and iced coffee. It sounds like the noise of waves and a wild babble of voices. It feels like warm sunlight on my skin, warning me of the coming sunburn with a painful tug. And it smells of sea salt and a little bit of street food. But the most important thing is that it feels fantastic. "

Forever Free is featured like so many other college new adult novels, and in a way it is. What makes this novel so special, however, are the characters and their development. Right from the first chapter the reader gets to know Raelyn and her desire for freedom. She seems extremely shy, awkward and maybe a bit naive. It is extremely difficult for her to make friends at the university, so that her start is not easy. I can understand any reader here who finds Raelyn unsympathetic and too naive. At first I also asked myself whether she had lived her previous life behind the moon, but her behavior is gradually being explained better and better, so that it seemed authentic to me. Here I recommend being open and just waiting.

Raelyn is a very strong character for me and she is given a lot of space in the story. The book is not a classic romance novel in which the couple relationship is in the foreground, but it is primarily about their development and the reasons behind their desire for freedom. Almost the entire first half is all about her. If you expect a lot of action here, you will probably miss out, but I can promise a realistic development and a wonderful writing style with a love of detail.

Part of the book is also written from Hunter's point of view. It's also quite complex, but it's not given quite as much space. I would have been more interested in his family background, but I can also understand that not every character can be examined down to the smallest detail here. I also liked him very much and had some nice, human flaws.

A small group of friends is introduced with the book. Raelyn makes really good friends in two students, April and Kate. As a reader, I have already got an impression here that not everything is going smoothly in April and Kate's life either. So I'm really looking forward to getting to know your story in the second and third part and hopefully to encounter characters that are just as complex.

Even if it was a rather quiet story, it completely carried me away. Many everyday topics, but also complex problems such as an obligation to control or extreme uncertainty, are presented here. There was a good mix between casual conversations and deep thoughts. Even though there are many college novels, this one I was particularly excited about. From me there is a clear, unreserved reading recommendation.