Are 3D printers fragile?

MadeSolid presents ultra-hard SLA Resin - Update: V2 MS Resin

MadeSolid, the manufacturer of SLA resins, presents its latest resin in its portfolio.

07/30/2014: The Tough Resin is particularly tough. Functional objects should also be able to be printed with it. Resins like this one are processed in SLA 3D printers. In the SLA process, a liquid, light-sensitive plastic is irradiated with light and thus solidified. However, conventional resins are fragile in their hard aggregate state and can therefore only serve as a model. Deliveries should start at the end of August.


October 20, 2014: Update - MadeSolid presents V2 MS Resin

MadeSolid has been working on an improved version of its SLA resin for months and is now presenting the result. V2 MS Resin is available in black, white, red and blue and promises a higher XY resolution. The red and blue material should also have a livelier color than the previous version. Furthermore, the new material should cause less cloudiness of the resin container and thus extend its durability.

via MadeSolid

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