Playing video games is a mature pastime

Playstation & Co: Can you tell the child that you think games are stupid?

Board games are no longer popular with young people, but computer games or consoles are. The children then sink into another world.

While they are barely accessible, the computer or television is booming, alternating with tatutata, screeching tires, crazy car chases and wrecked cars. If the child suggests to the annoyed mom or dad "Play along too, then you'll see how exciting it is", can parents say that the games are stupid?

"The offer to enter the child's world and simply try out the game should be accepted. Regardless of whether you like the game or not - it is a wonderful opportunity to talk to your older children," advises Education expert Danielle Graf. The book author and blogger is certain that such conversations tend to be few and far between with increasing age and that time together becomes increasingly rare and precious.

"During the game you automatically start a conversation and maybe learn things that children would not tell at the dinner table," says Graf. The expert would try to find a compromise with the child. According to the pattern: "A round of digital criminal hunt and then a round of Scrabble? Everyone gets their money's worth without the preferred activities of the others being disparaged as" stupid "." (dpa)

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