How can I look like a gentleman

Lady question: How do you recognize a gentleman?

Dear lady bloggers,
When I read Dani's book recommendation, no more cozy, I immediately remembered a lady question: How does a lady recognize a gentleman? I like to be helped out of my coat, although I am aware that almost no one wears a coat these days. On the other hand, I open the door for a colleague who has an arm full of books. But is that really what makes the gentleman? I know a few commoners who look gentlemanly and have polished manners, but behave like the alphas in the chimpanzee enclosure ...

Thanks for a lively discussion

Dear Lina,

it depends of course on the behavior! Beautiful clothes and a well-groomed appearance lose their charm when the gentleman puts his elbow on the table while eating. For me, it's the little things that make a gentleman - take off your coat, hold the door open, let the lady go first - just pay attention. It is of course perfect when the gentleman also adjusts the chair, matches his tie with the lady's outfit, has matching flowers, naturally takes over the bill or organizes a taxi. But these things don't always fit into everyday life or modern times. Solutions have to be found here. For example, he pays in the restaurant, she does the weekly shopping for it or he brings her flowers, she surprises him with his favorite whiskey. Just as the ideal lady is not a doll, he should not be a licked handsome boy or an alpha male. Driving a nail into the wall should be just as good for both, as baking a cake.

I find gentlemen particularly bad who know how to behave, but then have to comment: “By the way, I'm going up the stairs behind you because that's the way it should be” or “I gave you the space on the bench in the café, so that As a lady, you have an overview of the room ”. The opposite is a man who unfortunately cannot behave at all and justifies this with the fact that as a child he did not eat all the time in the five-star restaurant. When this statement was made to me once, I only pointed out to the gentlemen that there were knives and forks at my kitchen table at home. There is certainly no such thing as the ideal gentleman, but after all, we are not perfect either. I definitely prefer a man who has meadow flowers with him, wears jeans and behaves attentively than a man with a tuxedo, roses and bad manners.

All the best
Constanze, who is definitely spoiled by her three favorite men