Should my boyfriend and I secretly get married

Wedding for two - secretly getting married is so beautiful

A wedding for two, secretly without friends or family? If you like the idea, why not? It may seem strange to many, but you are certainly not alone with this wish. In reality, it happens more often than many think that two people say yes to each other all by themselves.

That's why we've put together some information, tips and ideas for you on how you can enjoy your wedding as a couple. You will also see two sweet wedding reports about the wedding for two or three (with the little ones) and one about getting married in Venice. Getting married alone can be so nice!

We have divided this article into the following areas:

  1. Common reasons for secret weddings
  2. Wedding for two - but where?
  3. Unusually marry in secret
  4. Announce the wedding for two
  5. Marry secretly, but celebrate the wedding anyway
  6. Photo story 1: getting married for two
  7. Photo story 2: wedding for three
  8. Photo story 3: Getting married in Venice

An important tip in advance: If you're sure you want a wedding for two, keep it to yourself! Secretly organize the mini wedding according to your taste and save yourself discussions about getting married for two. Once you have included the indignant mother-in-law or the disappointed sister, the desire to get married in secret will quickly pass and you have let yourself be persuaded to have a big wedding.

If you want to trust yourself all alone, the souvenir pictures from the wedding are all the more important for you and your family. So don't forget the professional photographer! He can stay in the background so that your wedding for two remains as intimate as you would like it to be.

1. Common reasons for secret weddings

Getting married without a family avoids a lot of stress and gives you the opportunity to focus entirely on yourself.

In our Instagram survey, 25% of the newlyweds thought the idea was just right.

Typical reasons are:

  • No desire to prepare for a big party and a lot of hustle and bustle
  • Avoiding discussions, compromises and imposed conventions
  • Difficult family relationships
  • Tight budget
  • The budget should rather be invested in the honeymoon
  • Spontaneous wedding
  • Unfortunately, the spread of the corona virus and the need to avoid social contacts are currently also happening

The appropriate name: elopement

With a close name and the stamp “Wedding trend”, outsiders may also be able to show more enthusiasm or understanding for the intimate wedding. The so-called elopement wedding stands for a wedding for two or in a very small circle and is characterized by a minimalist and very personal way of getting married.

2. Wedding for two - but where?

You have three options: A civil wedding for two in your own location, a wedding arrangement for two in a beautiful location in Germany or a wedding while traveling.

If you want to have a wedding on vacation, here are a few ideas:

  • The classic: Getting married in Las Vegas between casinos and Elvisdouble.
  • For romantics: Whether the Caribbean or the Baltic Sea - a beach wedding for two is particularly romantic.
  • For individualists: Even if it is not romantic in the classical sense ... Get married in your favorite (vacation) place, you yourself give this place its meaning.
  • For the curious: Is there a city you've always wanted to see? Then plan a city trip and secretly get married there. Then you will explore the city that is now your very own city of love, e.g. Venice or New York.
  • For active people: Getting married in the mountains for two can be wonderfully combined with an active holiday. Climb a mountain that appeals to you together and, for example, get married on the summit. Everything is possible!
  • For adventurers: Whether underwater or in free fall - there are also very adventurous ways to get married.
  • For the thrifty: Long-distance travel is just too expensive for you? Then only plan your secret wedding for two in Germany - many hotels offer special wedding arrangements that offer a lot of romance.
  • For those who are close to home: Is it best for you at home? Getting married in your own registry office can be just as charming as anywhere else. But plan the rest of the day a little differently than usual, e.g. with a fun excursion, a meal that suits you and an overnight stay in a hotel.

If you want to get married for two outside of Germany, you can find more information in our article"Getting married abroad - the guide".

3. Unusually marry in secret

If you are just the two of you and you are planning a wedding without guests, it will be all the easier to find something unusual for the wedding. This makes the special wedding for two even more memorable.

For example, get married ...

  • ... under water
  • ... on a lighthouse
  • ... in the Zepplin
  • …on a ship
  • ... in a hot air balloon
  • ... in the igloo
  • …in the stadium
  • ... or wherever you like to be!

4. Announce the wedding for two

After you have quietly said yes, you should share the good news with your families and friends as soon as possible. Otherwise, some will surely be disappointed to find out about your wedding for two just "casually".

Remote map: Send a card from your honeymoon with the message “If this card reaches you, we are enjoying our honeymoon right now!” - some information about the (secret) wedding will surely interest everyone. This is how you prevent too much gossip. Tip. A little further down we have a few sample cards for you.

Video message: Let your loved ones take part in your secret wedding for two by making a small video. In the opening credits you can briefly explain why you want to distance yourself from the usual wedding hoopla. Then you show your wedding ceremony, for example, and then jet off on your honeymoon. A good compromise for those family members who don't want to be left out.

By photo booklet: A video is not your thing, but you want more than one card? Then make a small photo booklet with some snapshots of your intimate wedding and send it to your closest friends and family. Even so, everyone feels a little involved.

As a surprise: Would you like to see the faces of your family and friends when you announce your wedding? Then after your vacation (honeymoon) invite you to a party and announce the surprise there.

Shopping tips: We got married cards

You can get the “We said yes” card with gold refinement at Card making (2-3 € / piece), and the “We dared ourselves” card with a punched out heart can also be found on the Card making (2-3 € / piece) personalize.

You can get this card at the card making (1-2 € / piece depending on the quantity) Individualize yourself with your name and the wedding date.

Or you contribute Personello (1.99 € / unit) Postcards according to your taste.

This cute “We said yes” card in Polaroid style with a kraft paper touch is also very nice to announce your wedding. You can get the card with gold finishing at the Card making (for 2-3 € / piece) personalize.

Generally suitable for your card We have married all designs of the card providers from the areas Save the date or Thank you cards. Finally, you can customize the text and turn “Save the Date” into “We got married!” Or create your own just married card.

A postcard is the cheapest in terms of postage.

A thank you card leaves more space for photos that your friends and family would be very interested in.

5. Marry secretly, but celebrate the wedding anyway

Of course, getting married without a party or getting married without guests is a cheap and easy alternative! If you are not very sociable yourself and do not like to be the center of attention, then a wedding without a celebration is just right for you.

Are you still unsure whether you want to leave the wedding so completely unfired? Then celebrate a "mini wedding". If big celebrations put you off, leave it to the announcement of your wedding and toast with close friends / family the next time you meet them. However, if you like to celebrate, if you just want to avoid the typical wedding flair, we have some suggestions here.

Pre-celebrations: If you want to celebrate your wedding alone far away from home, you can do one in advance Hen party to organize. He is casual and easy-going, gets you in the mood for the wedding and brings you many good wishes.

Celebrate incognito: Invite your closest friends / family to dinner under an excuse. The fact that you secretly married at the registry office shortly before will make many eyes widen. So you sweeten the marriage for two with a small celebration that does not cause too much fuss.

Re-partying: If you want to celebrate your start into the future together with your loved ones despite a secret wedding, organize a casual barbecue party in the summer afterwards, which can also be combined with birthdays or other celebrations. So the wedding is not too much in the foreground and the celebration is still going on.

6. Photo story 1: Getting married for two

Christin & Sascha have had very intimate wedding experiences for two. In addition to the registrar, who "brought" the rings herself in the case, was only Wedding photographer Paul Träger plus assistant with us and took care of these great souvenir photos. The two were thrilled to get married alone!

Paul Traeger Photography

Premium service provider

I want you to feel comfortable in front of my camera on the wedding day and that great, personal and authentic pictures are created. Good pictures are a matter of trust!

After the civil ceremony, the bride and groom spent a wonderfully sunny day at Tegernsee with a boat trip and a relaxed couple shoot with XL balloons.

7. Photo story 2: Wedding for three

This small family also celebrated the wedding alone, with the parents and their little son secretly saying yes.

From arriving at the registry office in the rain to beaming with joy "We got married!" After the ceremony, everything was done by theWedding photographer Marina & Jörg held.

When mom signs, two patchy hands and two eyes appear next to her on the edge of the table - moments like this just have to be captured.

Marina & Jörg * wedding photography

Premium service provider

To tell your unique love story in equally unique pictures and to keep your happy moments alive forever is our mission as your wedding photographers.

These emotional photos are from that Photographer couple Marina & Jörg: “Our trademark is that we are interested in the people in front of our lenses - as they are - and their very personal stories. We want to tell this story as authentically and in as much detail as possible with our pictures. We pay particular attention to emotional moments, to moments in which you can see what people feel for each other and what defines their coexistence, and also to the little things that happen more marginally. "

Getting married in Venice

A wedding in Venice can be wonderfully easy for two. Many beautiful places and romantic backdrops await you. A free wedding could even be experienced in a gondola.

The parties: Photographer: Gina Gold, My Love Story Photo // Videographer: Gina Gold, MC Fauser // Papeterie: Wedding Paper Divas // Shoes: Maripe // Ringbox: Limarin // Hotel & Torte: Danieli // Bridal: Lila Dress // Bridal couple: Elisa & Matteo

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