Meghan Markle is overwhelmed

Duchess Meghan overwhelmed: help Queen Elizabeth + Prince Charles

Duchess Meghan is struggling to find her way around as a member of the British royal family. How Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth are helping her.

It is surprisingly honest and surprisingly sobering words that Duchess Meghan, 38, utters in a TV interview about life as the wife of Prince Harry, 35:

Friends had warned her about the wedding and joining the royal family. Dealing with the media pressure during her pregnancy and after the birth of baby Archie Mountbatten-Windsor was like "a struggle", she confirmed when asked by the reporter. She feels, says Meghan, as if she “only exists, doesn't live”, and adds: “That is not the meaning of life. You have to thrive, you have to feel happy.” From each of the lines it can be seen: The Duchess is heartbroken about the nature of the criticism. This does not leave the royals unscathed.

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Duchess Meghan: Help from Prince Charles and the Queen

A Palace insider told The Evening Standard that high-ranking family members, including Queen Elizabeth, 93, and Prince Charles, 70, "went out of their way" to help Meghan feel more comfortable. "I know that Charles Meghan shook hands several times. They understand each other and both share a passion for music. I know that he invited her to a preview of an exhibition in the palace," reports the insider.

Royal fans will also remember how touchingly Charles looked after the bride's mother Doria Ragland at the wedding of his son - and he even led his daughter-in-law to the altar instead of Thomas Markle. A warm welcome - hardly possible.

Queen Elizabeth, for her part, was a "source of strength" for the couple and invited them to Balmoral Castle, their holiday residence in Scotland, where "family issues are usually discussed," the insider said. At least this year, Harry and Meghan have not accepted the Balmoral offer. As Arndt Striegler, Royal reporter in London, told GALA, this is said to have led to "tension in the Windsor family".

Worry about Harry and Meghan

Neither Kensington Palace nor Buckingham Palace have officially commented on the TV interview that was broadcast as part of the documentary "Harry and Meghan: An African Journey". Another palace insider reports, however, that Prince William, 37, is particularly concerned about the couple. Accordingly, 37-year-olds hope that Harry and Meghan are "fine".

BBC Royal commentator Jonny Dymond said he believed the royal family were "appalled" by the interview with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. Bringing personal, negative feelings to the public is simply not part of the life of a royal. It is not for nothing that the palace's iron rule is: "Never complain, never explain yourself."

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