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Arduino starter kit

Welcome to the Arduino world!

The ones presented here Arduino starter kits Everything about the Arduino Uno Board and the Arduino-compatible RedBoard are aimed at students, beginners who are keen to experiment and curious old electronics engineers, in short: everyone who is interested in microcontrollers and (interactive) electronics!

SparkFun Mini Inventor's Kit

Sparkfun has a lot of experience with the original Arduino boards as well as with boards from its own production. For the starter kit called "SparkFun Mini Inventor's Kit", an Arduino-compatible board was designed with the RedBoard, which should combine the best features: Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller, the proven Uno Optiboot boot loader, the robust USB interface using an FTDI chip, the extended shield pinout of the Arduino Uno R3 and the space-saving USB mini-B socket, which has proven itself on the Arduino Pro boards.

Sparkfun's Arduino-compatible RedBoard combines several advantages

In addition to the microcontroller, the new kit contains a number of active and passive components, components such as sensors and LEDs, but also one of the popular mini breadboards, with which it is possible to set up small test circuits without soldering. The adjacent list shows in detail which components are included in this universal and inexpensive starter kit.

Sparkfun Inventor's Kit for Arduino

With the SparkFun Inventor's Kit Another starter kit is available, which contains numerous additional components (relays, motors, ICs) and detailed, printed instructions for interesting Arduino experiments. The Arduino board and breadboard can be anchored on the supplied plastic carrier. A storage box ensures order in the electronics laboratory and protects the components during transport.

Free software - free ideas

On the Arduino project page, the thirsty microcontroller friend can find out everything they need to know about commissioning and first steps, and there they also receive the (open source) software, which everyone can download for free.

But that's not all: if you search the network for Arduino projects, you will be amazed at the variety in which you will find what you are looking for and with what variety of topics the ideas and suggestions deal with. Welcome to the Arduino world!

SparkFun Mini Inventor's Kit

Scope of delivery SparkFun Mini Inventor's Kit

  • RedBoard controller board with ATmega328 (Arduino compatible with Uno boot loader and FTDI chip)
  • Pin assignment for shields as with the Arduino Uno R3
  • Matching USB connection cable type A-MiniB
  • Breadboard for the solderless construction of circuit parts
  • Set of jumpers
  • small servo motor
  • Light sensor - photo resistor
  • TMP36 thermal sensor
  • RGB light emitting diode
  • Set of standard LEDs (red, blue, yellow, green)
  • Adjustment regulator - variable resistance
  • 2x input buttons 12mm
  • Set of resistors 330R / 10k

Contents SparkFun Inventor's Kit

  • RedBoard controller board with ATmega328 (Arduino compatible with Uno boot loader and FTDI chip)
  • Pin assignment for shields as with the Arduino Uno R3
  • Matching USB connection cable type A-MiniB
  • Experiment breadboard, 400 contacts
  • Plastic carrier plate for RedBoard / Arduino and breadboard
  • printed instructions with numerous experiments (over 80 pages!)
  • practical storage box with space for additional components
  • LCD module 16x2 characters white on black, with pin header
  • Shift register 74HC595
  • Transistors 2N2222
  • Diodes 1N4148
  • small DC motor
  • Servo motor
  • Relay 5V
  • TMP36 temperature sensor
  • Flex sensor - strain gauges
  • Soft-Pot - touch-sensitive membrane potentiometer
  • Set of jumpers
  • Light sensor - photo resistor
  • RGB light emitting diode
  • Set of standard LEDs
  • Adjustment regulator - variable resistance
  • Buzzer - acoustic signal generator
  • Entry button 12mm
  • Set of resistors 330R / 10k
A practical storage box is part of the Inventor's kit

Order information

SparkFun Inventor's Kit - V4.0
SparkFun RedBoard - Programmed with Arduino

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