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10 basics make-up tips for the perfect makeup

Make-up needs to be learned. With a little practice and the right tricks, you can achieve a perfect and type-appropriate makeup in just a few minutes. We'll tell you step by step the most important basics and professional make-up tips from the foundation to the kissable mouth.

Make-up tip 1: How to create the perfect foundation

1 The selection of the Foundation: It is best to test the color on the neck or the lower half of the face, not the back of the hand. If the skin tone is not among the existing nuances, by the way, professionals simply mix a little too light tones with a little too dark. With a little practice you can do that too.

Applying the foundation: Always start in the center of your face. Apply the primer from the inside out in circular motions. By the way, a thick layer of makeup usually covers redness and other skin irritations well, but it often makes the complexion look dull and mask-like.

The texture of your foundation: Choose a foundation form that respects your skin type. Dry skin loves moisturizing foundations. Mixed, oily and rather blemished skin, on the other hand, is best primed with oil-free formulations. Mineral foundations are also a good alternative to conventional foundations for oily skin.

The tools: Whether with your hands, a brush or a sponge is usually a matter of taste. Sometimes the texture also decides which tool is best. Applying the primer with a beauty blender or brush takes a little more practice. Here you can find out everything about beauty tools.

What foundation Fits me?

  • Liquid makeupcontains a lot of moisture and little fat and is suitable for all skin types.
  • Cream makeupcontains a high oil content and is therefore suitable for dry skin. The disadvantage: the high fat content often makes the skin shine.
  • Compact makeupis practical for on the go. Because of its high powder content, it covers more than other makeups.
  • Long lasting makeup is water-resistant and therefore well suited for sporting activities and long nights. But because they are so tight, these long-distance runners are quite difficult to remove.
  • Lifting makeupare ideal for mature skin as they contain valuable anti-aging ingredients such as vitamins A, E, hyaluronic and fruit acids.

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Make-up tip 2: Powder for a silky finish

2After you have picked up the powder with a thick, round brush or a tassel, always tap the tool briefly on the back of your hand and, by gently pressing the brush or tassel, first matt those areas of the face that begin to shine the fastest (forehead, nose and chin). Applying a brush firmly over the whole face is now considered obsolete because it destroys the foundation.

Make-up tip 3: Sun-kissed complexion even in winter

3 Take a light brown kohl or eyebrow pencil, sharpen it well and use it to draw a few tiny dots on the bridge of your nose and cheeks. Then gently smudge the dots so that they are not sharply contoured, but look like tender, sugar-sweet freckles. The magical dots conjure up sun and summer mood even on pale complexions. Of course, you can also use bronzer to give your face color and contour.

Make-up tip 4: hide tired eyes and dark circles

4 concealers:If you don't have time to cool off tired and puffy eyes for a long time, the best solution is to use concealer. The concealer should always be chosen one or two shades lighter than the foundation.

Dark circles under the eyes:Those who naturally tend to have darker shadows under the eyes can compensate for the bluish tone with concealer pencils in rosé and peach nuances.

Eye make up:Avoid using eyeshadow colors that are too light - they visually increase the puffiness. Soft brown or gray tones are more flattering. To make the look more open, you can also do without the lower eyeliner and mascara on the lower eyelashes for a natural look. You can find out which other methods you can use to make dark circles disappear here.

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Make-up tip 5: open your eyes optically

5 For one fresh look you don't have to have a good rest, just be resourceful. The use of white kohl (preferably in a nude or ivory shade, which looks more natural) in the interior of the lower lash line is the simplest method to be able to shine from awake eyes after wild nights. If you also dab some nude-colored eyeshadow into the inside of the corner of the eye, as well as under the highest point of the brow arch, you will not get out of the radiance.

Make-up tip 6: The perfect eyebrows

6 Comb the browbones upwards and only pluck the hair away from the lower edge. Start from the center of your face and use an eyebrow pencil to trace the upper brow line in fine strokes. Then draw the lower browbone line up to about a third from the middle of the face. Finally, you shade the inside of the eyebrows softly and fill in empty spaces. Finally, comb the eyebrow color again with a brush.

Make-up tip 7: model eye shapes perfectly

7 Depending on the shape of your eyes, your eyes have to be made up differently. Which eyeshadow goes best with which eye color, you can find out here. How to conjure up the perfect smokey eye for the evening, you can read here step by step.

  • Almond-shaped eyes: With almond-shaped eyes, the outer third of the eye socket and the obelid are emphasized with dark or bright colors, while the rest of the eyelid is used with light and calm colors.
  • Big, round eyes:With large, round eyes, on the other hand, you can work with intense colors over the entire surface of the movable eyelid. The following applies to both eye shapes: The lower edge of the eye is always only subtly emphasized for optimal results.
  • Conceal drooping eyelids: With drooping eyelids, it is best to work with the so-called "banana technique". To do this, first prime the movable lid in a light eyeshadow color. Then use a dark eyeshadow to draw a banana-shaped arch over the movable eyelid and use it to fake an artificial crease.

Make-up tip 8: The perfect lash curl

8 Preparation:Eyelash curlers give the fine hairs curl and open the view. However, be careful not to press the pliers too hard to prevent the sensitive hairs from breaking off. If you like, you can warm the tongs with a hair dryer beforehand, so the swing lasts longer. Before you start with the mascara, dust your eyelashes gently with a little transparent powder.

Apply mascara:When applying the mascara, the following applies: The more densely you apply the ink to the lash line and the less you distribute it in the lengths and tips, the more natural the overall result will look. To avoid lumps and sticky eyelashes as much as possible, you should always work with gentle shaking movements when applying the mascara.

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Make-up tip 9: Let your lips look fuller

9 Avoid matte lipsticks. Shiny consistencies and lip gloss make the lips appear fuller. The contour line (it frames the lips unnecessarily tight) is also a thing of the past. It is better to work with effective color gradients by applying dark colors in the middle and tracing the edges with light tones. And here we reveal how the lipstick stays kiss-proof for a particularly long time.

Make-up tip 10: Contour cheeks with blush

10 You should always apply blush at the end. Natural makeup in particular can do with a little more blush. As a rule, however: better a little less than too much. To make the face appear narrower and more contoured, simply apply a shade of blush that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Draw a flat line below the cheekbones from the center of the cheek to the base of the ear. The stripe should not have any sharp contours, but rather taper gently to the sides and towards the end. You can read more tips about magical rouge cheeks and facial contours here.

That's it with the make-up tips. And now you should be careful not to make any of these make-up mistakes.

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