Are there white supremacists in Brazil?

“I am not your Negro”!

"I'm not playing games with people anymore," says filmmaker Raoul Peck. "If you don't get it, it's your problem. I'm not going to wait for you. I'm not going to explain it to you much more than this film. "

Most of the black people who have been and are on the road as unpaid patient teachers and educators for white people realize at some point that they have had enough of playing "games"; That is to say, they continue to clarify (!), but firmly resolve, the whole thing only one Try to give.

This does not mean the individual experiences of some avid Black people. It's about nothing less than that global Experiences of explaining racism to white people in detail and having to prove it again and again. This fact becomes even more grotesque when women * and men * bear in mind that it is your Disease is what they should be best informed about. Filmmaker Peck is now trying one last time with his latest film….

In James Baldwin's words: “What white people have to do is try and find out in their own hearts why it was necessary to have a nigger in the first place, because I'm not a nigger,…” Baldwin speaks of that in 1963 this invention of the N…. is a white invention. Black people know that. And today some white people know that too. But what does this knowledge mean for all of us? Or: How could this knowledge be implemented?

I come back to this question ...

The white rage

The documentation is not above James Baldwin, rather "through" him, the racist system in the USA is shown. In the cinema I often asked myself the question: Do I have to look for so long now when white police officers brutally beat black people again and again and again, kicking, taking a short breather to be able to kick again, always several against a single person. For black spectators, the quota of self-confessed white supremacists who work for the police is completely plausible. The anger of white policemen hitting the face or waiting to be hit is not one that comes up because a thief has been identified. This anger can soar like lightning, always available because it has been conserved and transgenerational for centuries nourishes becomes. It is endogenous.

Aretha Schwarzbach-Apithy

Aretha Schwarzbach-Apithy

Aretha Schwarzbach-Apithy is a trained educator, scholarship holder of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Studied educational science at the TU and gender studies at the HU Berlin, master's thesis on the topic: "The metamorphosis to anti-racist - from an afrocentric perspective." Topic of her doctoral thesis: "Whiteness as the norm in educational science". Work stays in Zambia and Bolivia, among others, with a focus on empowering and decolonization in the child and youth sector. She is an activist in the Black Community, co-founder of the Black Study Group, and a passionate mother.

Nothing is accidental in Peck's documentaries and feature films, including the pictures of white people who no wearing civil servant uniforms; jumping around forming a pack, waiting with baseball bats in laughing, roaring anticipation for their action. Not cops, but ordinary citizens young and middle aged. Anyone who knows, but is too old to bump into it, just watches and enjoys their own superiority, breathing deeply the feeling of soaring. It has to be a huge kick.

As I looked, my "ahistorical" perspective became with each * and each * and each * and each * and each * and each * and each * and each * and each * and each * and each * and each * and each * and every * further baton scene confirms: Pictures, scenes, words, screams from five centuries mix together effortlessly, indistinguishable, completely irrelevant, on which day, in which year a black person was beaten up and / or murdered. The act is always the same because the disease is the same: the actual victims compulsively (not only) live out their disease on black people. "I am not the victim here"says Baldwin, talking about the invention of whites as something by which they reveal their very own truth.

The white dream

Baldwin is known in Germany as an author - if that can be said - also as a homosexual author, but not as a person who brought his black experiences in connection with his intellectual knowledge and his observations and developed clear analyzes from them. They are radical because they don't sugarcoat out of fear; Radical too, because they don't put black people off for another waiting period for freedom; clear and radical, because Baldwin expresses the fact and demand that white people agree with her "Problem" - whatever it is - have to deal with it.

"... if you continue to ignore what the film is saying to you, it's basically criminal," says Peck. He only lets Baldwin's words speak; no off-lyrics or voices that above Baldwin speak and interpret. Peck had an exact idea of ​​the voice that should speak Baldwin's words and thoughts and decided on Samuel L. Jackson. With Jackson's and Baldwin's voice and the pictures, Peck shows the political-cultural fairy tale of the American dream, which is based on enslavement and above all on the annihilation of the First Nations / Native Americans.

It shows the singing, radiant white bodies that literally scream: "I am innocent!", The whites with satisfied, consuming families with kids and colorful gardens together with the slain and murdered in the USA - happening at the same time. Either one is not really real; can only exist by hiding the other reality, can only exist due to killing millions of non-whites.

What can this knowledge about the invention of the N - with which Frantz Fanon also dealt extensively - mean for all of us? Or: How could this knowledge be implemented?

White people must (!) Begin to gain an emotional understanding of the fact that you to have a problem. First of all, two questions should serve as a guide:

  1. For what do you keep a bit of racism and discrimination?
  2. Which Do they seek to satisfy / suppress needs with racism and discrimination?

I assume that without the search for answers to these questions all other steps can only remain temporary and ultimately racist, at least paternalistic constructs.

Without this research, there is no telling how long black people will be educating people. They do this work because white people do not want to and or cannot do it. This work symbolizes racist relationships that we all live in. The remuneration for this work does not correspond to the true background of the working relationship.

Racist structures are institutionally, collectively and in individual images of man fundamentally and normatively anchored, so that "anti-racist" education as an ever larger area of ​​jobs, orders, fees, seminars, trainings, institutes, laws and much more. ready.

It is understandable that "Baldwin’s work will be the work we're going to have to utilize to get through this next phase." (Baldwin's work will be the work we will need to use to get through this next phase.)

Trailer of "I am not your negro"