Saturday is a working day in SSN

After entry, receipt of Green Card and SSN ?!

How about working then? So I can't start working right away, is that right?
That's annoying.

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Since you want to go on vacation for 4 weeks anyway, it should actually be enough.

You also get something that the SSN has been applied for and the agent can then also hire you and you hand it in (my husband worked about 4 weeks without an SSN)

Maybe it will also help if I tell them that I have a job opportunity and urgently need the SSC

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You can try that, only the employee can't do anything if he doesn't have the data and if he already has it, (which I doubt because of the WE) he only accepts the application and the SSN comes later in the mail.

Did you have to wait a long time in the office or does it really take hours?

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that depends on the office and the day of the week. For example, ours says on the web that they are very busy at the beginning of the month and week and you should see that you come more to the middle of the month / week.
I personally spent 5 hours there anyway because it was maddeningly full, even though I was there very early.
So should bring time.