How do I disable the beeper

- DANGER! - Deactivating the seat belt warning is in no way recommended!
In fact, a vehicle without a seat belt reminder cannot achieve 5 stars in the EURO NCAP crash test.
If the belt is forgotten, this represents a considerable safety risk!
Without a seat belt, airbags are of almost no use and can even be dangerous. Airbags only work in combination with belts and belt tensioners as intended by the manufacturer!

The Daihatsu Materia has apparently heard something from the parent company Toyota.
Therefore, the same steps for switching off the seat belt beeper work for the driver and front passenger as with many current Toyota models:

The procedure does not work after a trip. The procedure should therefore be carried out before starting the journey.

1.Key in + ignition on (= speedometer lighting goes on, fuel pump starts up briefly, ...)

2. With the ODO button (right button in the speedometer) set the odometer to ODO, then press and hold the ODO button.

3. Ignition off again, remove the key and only then release the ODO button.

4. Key in + ignition on again. Then hold down the ODO button for about 30 seconds.

5. After the 30 seconds, keep the ODO button pressed and now insert the belt into the belt buckle.

6. Now b-on / b-off should appear in the display. Select b-off by pressing the ODO button several times.

7. Take out the key and then unbuckle the belt again.

8. Done. The seat belt beeper is switched off for the driver and front passenger.

The Daihatsu Materia has seat occupancy mats in the two front seats. Although the beeping can be switched off as described above when the seat belt is not on, the corresponding warning lights in the instrument cluster will always flash if an occupant is not buckled up while driving. (See red warning lights for driver and front passenger in the picture above.)

P.S. After a power failure due to the battery being disconnected or due to an empty battery, the setting must be made again.