My kitties play or fight

When cats fight: game or seriousness and how you can tell the difference

Cats fight playfully, played aggressiveness is part of their natural behavior. Growling and hissing can also occur. This can be irritating for people: When is it all still game, when does it get serious?

When several cats live together in the same household, it is part of the occasional aggression. They may only exceed a certain level in exceptional cases, for example when young tomcats fight out who is the stronger.

Once the order of precedence has been clarified, the aggressive behavior usually goes by itself. However, if it lasts longer and it gets brutal, you as a person can also intervene in what is happening and the Separate fighters from one another.

Why you as a person can - and should - intervene in turf wars

Cats live with us in the household. For them we are much more than just compliant can openers. We take on a role that is equal to that of a good mother or a good father: We donate gifts, make sure that they are always full and we play with them.

Accordingly, humans can definitely take on the role of referee in conflicts in the cat pack.

Because their living environment is in the flat is limited to a few square meters, turf fights inevitably occur more frequently than if the animals lived in the wild.

Even if the cats Free passage enjoy, the apartment is your central place of life and therefore no guarantee for constant, peaceful coexistence.

When cats fight, fun or serious: The most important characteristic to differentiate between playing and fighting cats is the role change.

If the roles of the hunter and the hunted are swapped, the animals will probably only fight with each other for fun.

Cats fight and it's serious: Separate from each other, but with caution!

First things first: Separating two fighting cats with your bare hands is not a good idea. There is a high risk that the cats will pass on their aggression to the intruding human.

The chance of being severely bitten or scratched by one of the animals in the heat of the moment is extremely high!

How do fighting cats let go of each other? A tried and tested trick is to make a loud noise. For example, by hitting a saucepan with a spoon.

The fighting animals are terrified and usually automatically keep their paws apart. Do your cats fight with each other all the time? Put one for you Whistle at a point in the household from which you can easily reach them if necessary. The shrill noise ensures that the fighting cats run apart as soon as it sounds.

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