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Annoying sex spam bots and groups on Instagram - here's what you can do about it

If you have clicked on this article, you have probably already seen it: Lots of sex spam bots that write comments under images, like this one:

"Help me find my panties" or: "Are we going to ignore the fact that I have such a big a ****?"

Now even stars like Casper are making fun of it. In the same vein he commented on AliAs himself:

Or the American model Chrissy Teigen:

The English versions of it are also very popular. You may also have received annoying DMs and private group messages from profiles that have revealing profile pictures and then ask you to click on links. With these links you can earn money by collecting email addresses and data and then selling them for advertising purposes. Or in the worst case scenario, you can get yourself a virus through these clicks.


What can you do against invitations to unwanted group chats on Instagram?🚫

Are you getting added to spam groups by strangers really often at the moment? With the right privacy settings, you can even prevent that from happening. That's how it's done:

1. Under "Settings" open the Privacy settings your Instagram account.

2. Then click on "News".

3. Choose who can add you to groups.

UPDATE: Depending on which update you have, you may not get to the settings via "Privacy", but via the "Notifications":


Annoying spam in the Instagram question stickers

There has also been a lot of spam in the for weeks Instagram question stickers. If you post such a sticker in your story, you will not only get normal answers from your friends, but also subtly funny messages à la "Do you want to undress me? 🍑" or "You have a chance to win a new iPhone!"

How do these sex spam bots get my posts?💦

Do you use popular hashtags like #instagood, # like4like or #love? You may also link particularly popular pages on your photos. Then these can be decisive reasons for it. But even with a lot of liked and much commented postings without a hashtag, these comments occur because these bots target posts with a lot of interaction. Also a scam: bots that mark a random on any photos.

What can I do about the annoying sex spam bot comments?🍆

It is troublesome to remove them one by one on a daily basis. Therefore, you can try to hide certain words. Words that often appear in such comments are the genitals, "Underpants" or "Banana". That goes under Settings -> Privacy -> Comments. Sometimes such bots get creative and then write the words differently or with spaces. With this setting, these comments are only hidden and not deleted. This means that your followers don't see this spam, but the spam bot itself and everyone who follows the spam bot can.

Bought likes, false followers: This is how much damage fake influencers can do

Report sex spam bots on Instagram - what good?🍑

According to Instagram, yes! - Upon request, we received this statement about the spam bots problem:

Reporting should help to quickly ban such accounts from the world of Insta. Experience shows: "It works like that". There are so many that you have the feeling that Instagram is not really catching up. In addition, you often get the notification "We have checked the account and it does not violate community guidelines." But don't worry: this message often comes because the bot's profile has already been deleted.

Conclusion: A private Insta profile and perseverance probably helps best against sex spam bots 👅

In the case of a private profile, the posts do not appear in the search and are only shown to your followers. This also makes it more difficult to get likes and new followers, but at least you are bot-free. These bots are now also being used on private profiles. Maybe because you liked successful posts or followed large accounts.

However, you have to make sure that no bots follow you. They could then spam you all over the place. So it's best to do a little cleanup among your followers and remove everyone who seems suspicious to you and who have very obviously revealing profile pictures.

Unfortunately, Instagram has to struggle with such waves of spam again and again. Sometimes the best solution is to endure. After a while, you could make your profile public again as a test. Until then: Set profile to private, wait and drink tea.