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Abbreviations overview

Have you just arrived in Azeroth? And you wonder why the people in the chat window are communicating so strangely? You can read what has developed in WoW over the past four years: WoWisch, a mix of more or less correct German and English. Especially in the capital cities you are spammed with LFG, VK and WTS ... uh ... texted. Epics are checked, ports to UC are requested and at the very back a BFT wants to be drawn, even offering gold for it. But it's linguistically hot, especially in group adventures. So that you know what to do and what to leave off, we have translated the most important WoW phrases for you. (source: http://wow.buffed.de)

Annotation: The abbreviations listed here are extremely reluctant to be seen in normal / s chat on an RPG server like the Forscherliga and should therefore be avoided. Opinions are divided in the search-for-group chat, but role players in particular feel much more addressed if the desired instance goal or their request is expressed in full and without abbreviations. Therefore, use this list only to translate cryptic things for you. Avoid using such abbreviations and technical jargon yourself.


  • ADD - opponents who also intervene in a fight that has already started
  • AFK - Away from keyboard - I'm not at the PC right now. Going AFK for too long in a group without prior notice can quickly lead to displeasure among the other members.
  • AGGRO - Means that a monster is angry with you and you made it "aggressive", so to speak. It will now try to approach you and attack you. Mobs become aggro when you get too close to them. ”The synonym Havis, which is simply the gnomic word for aggro, is also frequently used.
  • AGGROMOB - Enemy who attacks without you attacking them first
  • AOE - Area of ​​Effect - area spells that do damage or heal; is also referred to as AE
  • ATM - at the moment - in the moment


  • BOE - Bind on equip - is bound to the character when it is put on
  • BOON - backwards from "noob", newbie. Even less cool than N00b. Better not to use it.
  • BOP - Bind on pickup - is bound to the character when it is picked up
  • BR - "Battlerezz" - the druid's very own "revive in combat" ability
  • BRB - Be right back - I'll be right back
  • BTW - by the way - by the way
  • BUFF - buff cast on a monster or player. This is a temporary improvement in character traits.


  • CAREBEAR - player who prefers to support his friends with healing magic, the preparation of a delicious meal, or just a few nice words, and who rather stays out of fights.
  • CASTER - A character in a group who is more likely to use magic in combat and let friends do hand-to-hand combat. Magicians, for example, or sorcerers.
  • CC - crowd control - control over the opponent by means of banishing, shackling, stunning, sheep, etc.
  • CU - See you - see you


  • DANG - Darn, damn - damn, often in connection with "Gosh dang it" ("God, cursed")
  • DD - Damage dealer - damage class. Those who cause damage are particularly good at causing a lot of damage in a short period of time. If you consider tanks as marathon runners, sprinters are the cause of damage. They try to get rid of their opponent as quickly as possible while taking as little damage as possible.
  • DEBUFF - Debuff, a negative spell that weakens an affected unit.
  • DISPELL - cancellation of a negative effect. Sometimes the term: decursing is used for this, which refers to the add-on decursive, an aid to dispelling.
  • DKP - Dragon Kill Points - are used by guilds as a decision-making tool to distribute loot from raids
  • DND - Do not disturb - please do not disturb. With the command "/ DND - ...", e.g. "/ DND - rest!", You can formulate the whole thing even more clearly. If a player is whispered to in DND mode, he will then receive a corresponding message.
  • DOT - Damage over time - damage over time spell
  • DOWN - An enemy or group member dies
  • DPS - Damage per second. Damage per second, the main characteristic of any weapon.
  • DR - Diminishing return - effect that ensures that the repeated use of enemy-controlling abilities on a target is shorter and shorter


  • XP - experience points, also "XP"; is also used as "experience": experience in a fight
  • Epixx - Epic loot item that sometimes causes discussions in the group
  • Encounter - combat in the broadest sense, often used as a boss fight


  • Fail - Something totally went wrong
  • Farms - Persistently collecting resources / reputation / certain items
  • FC - wrong channel; also used on the battlefield as a flag carrier
  • FEAR / EN - Fear: Ability of bosses or players that makes you go around headless
  • FH - Full Health
  • FM - full mana
  • FPS - Frames per second - the amount of individual images that are displayed on the monitor per second
  • FTW - For the win - celebrating someone or something


  • GANKEN - Target enemy players in a specific location to repeatedly kill their character
  • GCD - Global Cooldown - global cooldown
  • GG - Good game; often used as a double grin
  • GL - Good luck
  • GM - Game Master - Blizzard Entertainment employees who help, support and, if necessary, punish illegal behavior.
  • GREED - greed - if you only want to sell an item, you register greed
  • GRIEFER - A person who intentionally tries to annoy or harass other players.
  • GRIND / EN - Repeatedly killing opponents to achieve a specific goal
  • GS - Sorcerer's Health Stone; also: Gesu
  • GZ - congratulations, also "gratz"


  • Healer - healer. Healers have special abilities that allow them to quickly restore their own health and that of other players. They're especially useful in groups, as even the toughest tanks need healers to keep them alive until the damage dealers are done.
  • HC - Heroic - heroic instance, also: hero
  • HF - Have fun - Have fun
  • HOT - Heal-over-Time - healing that works over time
  • HP - Hit Points - Life points


  • IC - Abbreviation for InCharakter and describes the role play technique of acting out the character. Everything the character says and does corresponds to his role. Contrasted with OOC, which stands for Out Of Character.
  • IDD - indeed - indeed
  • IGNO - ignoring someone
  • IMBA - imbalanced - not balanced in the sense of "extremely better than comparable"
  • IMO - In my opinion - in my opinion
  • Imho - In my humble opinion - in my humble opinion
  • Inc - Incoming - opponents or friends will shortly reach the group
  • Ini - instance, also: inze
  • Inv - Invite - invite me
  • IRL - In Real Life - in real life


  • KITEN - A tactic whereby a player stays out of range of an enemy by continuously running away while dealing damage to them at the same time.


  • L2P - Learn to play - "First learn how to play properly"
  • LAGg - High latency, which causes delays on the server side. May also be due to the connection.
  • LEECHER - While the group is trimming the opponents, the Leecher stands by and looks on inactive.
  • LFG - Looking for group - someone is looking to join a group
  • LFM / LF - Looking for more / members - someone is looking for teammates for their group
  • LOL - laughing out loud
  • LOS - Line of sight - Line of sight without which most characters cannot attack an enemy


  • MAIN - main character of a player
  • MMO - Massively Multiplayer Online, synonymous with
  • MMOG - Massively Multiplayer Online Game
  • MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
  • MORG - Easier to pronounce short form of MMORPG
  • MOB - short for mobile, movable object. Usually used as a synonym for monster. For a better understanding, however, one should use more precise expressions, e.g. monsters, traders, quest givers, etc.
  • MP5 - Mana generation per five seconds
  • MT - main tank - main tank


  • N8 - G'Night - Gute Nacht, also: "Gn8"
  • Need - If you need an item, you register "Need"
  • Nerf - weakening of a talent, item, or ability
  • NEWBIE - newbie. A term that sometimes means new players, but sometimes also says that a player is not very good.
  • NEWB - Abbreviation for Newbie. See above.
  • NINJA - Someone appropriates an item without asking permission from group members
  • N00b - beginners, too: not particularly talented player. An incredibly uncool way of writing “newbie”. Better not to use it.
  • NP - No problem - no problem
  • NPC - Non-player character, also non-player character. A character that is not controlled by a player, but by the WoW engine. This includes all monsters, quest givers and traders. In the category: Person or Category: NPC some such NPCs are listed.
  • NSC - See NPC; German name.


  • OOC - Abbreviation for Out Of Character and denotes behavior that is not involved in role-playing. You are not in the role but are the player behind the character. In contrast, a good player is always IC on an RPG server. OOC is often written in front of a statement to indicate that the following statement has nothing to do with the character. Any OOC utterances have no place in normal conversation (/ s).
  • OMG - Oh my God! - Holy cannon barrel
  • OOM - Out of mana - have no more mana
  • OOR - Out of range - not in range
  • OT - off-tank - side tank


  • Pat - Patrol - patrolling opponents
  • PET - An animal or demonic familiar, a player controlled NPC. For example a wolf, a succubus or similar companion of hunters and warlocks. But it can also be an ordinary (and incredibly cute) pet.
  • Pls, plz, plx - Please - please
  • Port - portal, teleport
  • Proc - Short for Special Procedure - an effect of a weapon / talent / ability that triggers randomly
  • PULL - One of the players in the group goes ahead and lures one or more monsters back to the group so that they can attack together. This can prevent too many monsters from attacking at the same time.
  • PVE - Player versus environment - Player against the game world. So against computer-controlled opponents. Default. Role-play is optional and all player-versus-player battles must be mutually agreed.
  • PVP / PvP - Player versus player - Player versus player. For players looking for a challenge. Again, RPG is optional, but enemy faction players can attack you almost anywhere, anytime. So be on your guard!


  • QQ - "Whining is of no use anyway"


  • RAR-MOB - A particularly rare mob.
  • RAID - raid, battle group instance
  • REG / EN - Regenerate - regenerate mana / life points
  • RESIST - resisting a spell
  • RESPAWN - The reappearance of enemies who have already been killed
  • RL - 1. Real Life - the real life outside of WoW. 2. Raid Leader - the strong-nerved leader of a raid
  • ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing - balls on the floor with laughter
  • ROOT / EN - immobilize someone


  • S1 to S5 - "S" stands for Season and uses the number to describe the armor and weapons that are available for purchase in this arena season.
  • Sheep - magician transforms a target
  • Skill - talent, ability; can also mean the ability of an opponent
  • SMALL PETS - pets. Players can own their own pets! The little guys are only decoration and therefore not very helpful in a fight, but anyone who has ever seen a cute little dragon pup knows why everyone should have a pet!
  • Snare - Slowing down an opponent
  • SnD - Slice and Dice. Short for the rogue ability to chop up.
  • Spec - The skill you have chosen
  • Sry - Sorry - sorry
  • Ss - The warlock's soul stone
  • Stack - A full stack (usually 10 or 20 pieces) of an item
  • Stun - stunning a target
  • SW - Stormwind - Stormwind


  • T0 to T7.5 - "T" stands for animal and describes a series of equipment that can often only be captured in raids
  • tank - Warrior, death knight, druid or paladin who attracts the opponent's attention and holds the aggro. Tanks fight by enduring more than their opponents. These battle-hardened, tough characters can take a lot of damage before they're defeated. In groups, the job of a tank is to induce monsters to attack themselves rather than the more vulnerable characters in the group.
  • TRASHMOB - monsters that you encounter on the way to the respective bosses in the instances.
  • TS - TeamSpeak - Voice over IP program
  • TWINK - second character of a player. A low level character made more powerful by higher level characters, mostly better armor and weapons than what they would otherwise have at that low level.


  • UI - User Interface - the action bars and displays through which your character and skills control


  • Vk / wts - sales; someone wants to sell something
  • Vz - enchant


  • WB - Welcome back
  • WoD - Warlords of Draenor
  • WTB - Want to buy - someone wants to buy something
  • WTS - Want to sell; someone wants to sell something
  • WIPE - The entire group dies due to a mistake.



  • ZERG / EN - Comes from "Zerg"; Outnumber an opponent and overrun them. Borrowed from the Blizzard strategy game StarCraft, where "mass instead of class" roll-over is a popular tactic among players of the Zerg faction.
  • Zomg - The very surprised to sarcastic version of OMG
  • Zort - Expresses anger, NPC in the Dragonblight and allusion to Pinky from "The Pinky and the Brain"