What is the title of the movie

  • Open your film in the timeline and select "Title" above the overview.

    The available title styles are displayed in the overview. Once you've set a topic for your film, topic-specific titles are displayed above the overview.

  • You can scroll through the titles to find the one you want, or use the search box to find the name of a specific title.

    Many titles are animated. This means that the titles move around the screen in interesting ways. Search the thumbnails of the titles in the overview to see the animation.

  • Do one of the following:

    • Place the playhead in the timeline where you want to add the title and double-click the title in the overview.

      The title is added to the movie at the playhead position.

    • Drag the title into the timeline above the clip in which it should appear.

      When Snap is on (click the View menu and make sure Snap is checked), the edges of the title will align with the edges of clips and transitions. A vertical yellow line appears when dragging when one end of a title is aligned with one end of a clip.

    • Drag the title into the timeline above the clip in which it should appear.

      If you place the title in the first or last third of the clip, the duration of the title is automatically adjusted so that it appears in that third of the clip. Placing the title in the middle of the clip will adjust the duration of the title so that it appears throughout the clip.

  • Select the title in the timeline or drag the playhead on the title.

  • Double-click the placeholder text in the viewer, then enter the text you want.

    Some title styles in the Sports theme appear in the Viewer with pop-up menus that allow you to choose the team and players to appear in that title. For more information, see Providing Team Information for Sports.

  • To change the appearance of a title (font, color, size, style, or alignment), use the font controls above the viewer.

    Note: You cannot change the font in certain subject-specific titles or in some animated titles.

  • When you're done, click the Apply button above the viewer.