How good is ECE

Comparison test: ECE double planer 103S

ECE is the last serious manufacturer of traditional wood planes in Germany. ECE planes are still used a lot in training and wherever high-level hand tools are used.


The ECE 103 is also available with a pockwood sole and as a left-handed version. The iron is fastened using a wedge that sits in a special abutment that improves hold and protects the plane body from possible splicing. ECE delivers its planes sharpened ready for use.


The special wedge abutment also makes it easy to adjust the plane iron - the plane can be easily adjusted using a hammer. The ergonomics are right. While working, you immediately notice that this plane has found its shape through practical use. The plane iron is of good quality and ready to use immediately, which gives special points.


Anyone looking for a high-quality, largely traditional double plane made of wood will find what they are looking for at E. C. Emmerich.

Planing60% :


End grain10%

Branches / overgrowth10%

Operation / handling20% :
Handles / ergonomics10%

Depth adjustment2%

Lateral adjustment2%

Installation and removal of plane irons2%

Plane iron2%

Unpacking quality2%

Furnishing20% :

Equipment & technical data
distributionE.C. Emmerich, Remscheid
Hotline02191 80790
TypeDouble planer wood
Width of the planer knife48 
Thickness of the planer knife
Length of the plane sole240 
Material plane soleHornbeam
Fixing plane ironWedge / spec. Abutment
Cutting angle45° 
Planing knife sharpened ready for useYes
Adjustable mouth widthNo
Suitable for left-handersYes
classTop class
Price-performanceGood Excellent