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Climate in Hungary

Hungary is located in eastern Central Europe and borders Austria, Slovenia and Croatia in the west, Slovakia and Ukraine in the north, Romania in the east and south and Serbia in the south. The climate is due to its location in the Pannonian Plain and the protective low mountain range embossed. There are hardly any high mountains in Hungary, most of the country is below 100 meters above sea level. The annual average temperatures in January are minus four degrees, in the hottest month July 25 degrees.

The climate is therefore particularly pronounced in the east continental. This manifests itself in high temperature differences between summer and winter. The summer are hot, the Winter relatively cold. Snow falls in winter.

The west Hungary is slightly oceanic characterized by the humid winter months, but not as extremely cold as in the east.

Hungary is total rather dry, there is little rainfall compared to neighboring countries. The highest levels of precipitation are reached in November. The annual average is only around 600 millimeters of precipitation, with a lot of precipitation falling especially in the spring months.

Most Hours of sunshine are counted in the south. Here one of the European top values ​​is measured with up to 2,500 hours of sunshine per year.


Weather hungary

Weather in Budapest, the capital of Hungary

Weather in Hungary: The temperatures and rainfall for Budapest, Hungary come from the website and are provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The forecast is updated four times a day.


Best travel time for Hungary

Hungary is popular as a tourist destination all year round. Especially in the Spring months is despite the higher rainfall in May Bathing at Lake Balaton is already possible. But here are also the June and the autumn months at.

In summer, like everywhere else in the country, it can get hot here. That also ensures that City tours are more advisable in the transition months. So there are April or October for this.

But also for Outdoor vacation is the autumn particularly suitable.

The months between December and February are probably the most unattractive times for a vacation in Hungary: it is relatively cold, the sun shines very little and there is precipitation on an average of seven to nine days per month.

Here you will find additional detailed descriptions of weather, climate and travel time in Hungary, as well as the climate and weather in the Carpathian Mountains, in Budapest and at Lake Balaton.


Climate table Ugarn

Climate in Hungary (west): Pécs

Hungary climate (national center): Budapest

Climate Hungary (east): Debrecen

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