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[Test] Fire Emblem Heroes: Colorful, tactical and free

Popular role-playing game for on the go

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Fire Emblem Heroes was released today for Android and iOS devices and we checked it out for you. The turn-based tactical skirmishes offer appropriate depth, the character development motivates and anime fans are happy about the brightly colored optics. Commendable: If you have a little patience, you can play Fire Emblem Heroes for free.

Shortly after the release of 'Super Mario Run', 'Fire Emblem Heroes' is the next mobile game from Nintendo for Android and iOS devices. Not a jump 'n' run this time, but - as usual for the Fire Emblem series - an RPG with tactics and a typical anime look. In Fire Emblem Heroes, you as the summoner help the guardians of Askr to properly heat up the eponymous Emblaners and prevent them from enslaving heroes from other worlds.

Free-to-play with payment option

Countless heroes are at your side in this endeavor, whom you gradually unlock with so-called spheres at random. You will receive these as a quest reward after winning battles or you can buy them via in-game purchase. Speaking of which: The game is completely free - only those who want to progress faster can buy crystals to level up with Nintendo Points or the said spheres with real money.

Completing cards also consumes energy, which only slowly refills over time. If you don't have any more, you have to wait, or you can acquire new ones by exchanging spheres. Overall, with this pricing policy, Fire Emblem Heroes stands out from Nintendo's smartphone debut, the Super Mario Run, which many consider to be far too expensive.

Not just for RPG connoisseurs

Your heroes gain experience in turn-based battles, improve their stats and unlock additional skills. You put four heroes together to form a group who compete against a manageable number of enemies on an equally manageable map. You control your warriors very intuitively with only tabs and swipes.

Thanks to the traditional distribution of roles - for example ranged, melee or healer - RPG connoisseurs will immediately feel at home and put together a balanced party. But Nintendo won't let beginners down either and has given Fire Emblem Heroes a more than detailed tutorial in which every game mechanic is explained in great detail. If you have completed the prologue, you either follow the story mode in the 'main maps' or try your hand at special maps, the exercise tower or arena duels, with which you unlock further heroes and items.

"Just one more battle"

Successful experiment: Nintendo has ported the Fire Emblem saga to mobile devices with great precision. The lovingly staged anime look is coherent, the touchscreen controls are well implemented and the payment model is fair. Fans of the series are happy anyway, download the game without looking at it and spend countless hours together with the guards of Askr.

Friends of turn-based tactics should definitely take a closer look at the game without reference to the Fire Emblem universe. Because the short 4-on-4 battles are fun and the pleasantly quickly leveling heroes encourage you to keep playing again and again: after all, a new skill needs to be tried out immediately. No question about it: the story seems trite and pathetic - and the involuntarily comical title melody and the flat dialogues reinforce this impression. When it comes to gameplay, however, Nintendo is doing almost everything right.

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