What does d mean in Java

Exponential notation

The exponential notation is another way of writing numbers. In scientific notation, the use of the letter means "10 to the power". For example, means nothing other than what results.

Exponential notation is just one format used for input and output. The 64-bit pattern used in the computer for a is the same regardless of the format used for the input. Here is an example:

D: \ data \ JavaNotes \ kap11> java DoubleDouble Enter a double: 1.234E + 9 number: 1.234E9 number * 2: 2.468E9

Here the user enters data in scientific notation and converts these characters into a. If the user had typed, then these characters would have been converted to the same thing. When converting a to characters, scientific notation is used for very large and very small values.

The capital or small "e" can be used as input character:

D: \ data \ JavaNotes \ kap11> java DoubleDouble Enter a double: -7.001e-2 number: -0.07001 number * 2: -0.14002

In this example, the user uses scientific notation for the input. For the output, the values ​​were in the normal range and the usual number format was used.


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