What does lakshmi

Lakshmi, the goddess of happiness and beauty

Lakshmi is another deity from Hindu mythology. She is known as the wife of Vishnu and represents the promotion of prosperity, fame, beauty, purity and grace, both in a material sense and spiritually.

The word" Lakshmi"Comes from Sanskrit and means freely translated"aim". Lakshmi, pronounced Lack-schmie, therefore represents the goal of life.

If you look at pictures of Lakshmi so you can see a female figure four arms and hands. She usually enters Red dress With golden hem and stands on one blooming lotus. She holds in her hands Gold coins and Lotus flowers and stand next to her Elephants, At least two, but often four.

The dress represents wealth and its red color represents activity. Your four hands represent the four goals of human life: Dharma (ethical action), Kama (sensual love), Artha (prosperity and prestige) and Moksha (salvation).

Pieces of gold fall from her left front hand, embodying wealth and prosperity. A gesture of consummate mercy. The front right hand, on the other hand, promises protection, blessing and fearlessness.

The lotus flower in the right back hand conveys the idea that all tasks in the world should be carried out in harmony with nature and all living beings. This leads to moksha (liberation). The left rear hand holds a gold vase filled with the potion of immortality.

The elephants around the goddess pour holy water over her.

The meaning behind this image is to convey that wealth should not only be sought for one's own material purpose, but rather with the idea of ​​generously sharing it with others. In this way, one's own happiness should be transferred to others so that everyone is happy.

To connect with Lakshmi you can recite the following mantra.
Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namah

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