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"It is not that difficult to become an eBay sales millionaire"

Share this article "eBay Sales Millionaires 2014". The title of Marion von Kuczkowski's new book sounds promising. The entrepreneur and eBay coach and has examined data and facts on 432 eBay sellers with sales in the millions. The result is a work that is powerful in numbers. You shouldn't be frightened by this, as the work also provides reviews and analyzes. etailment wanted to know from the power seller from the very beginning what has changed for salespeople and what the chances of making millions in sales are today.

They were power sellers "from the very beginning". How has sales changed since then?

Marion von Kuczkowski: In the beginning it was very comfortable on eBay, eBay was like a big playground in a small village.
Everyone knew everyone, it was a small, manageable marketplace where everyone could do almost whatever they wanted.
I can understand that some miss that, but if eBay hadn't changed, eBay wouldn't have survived. Professionalization was necessary in order to survive in e-commerce.
There will be few successful online shops that have been successful online since 1999. At that time, the industry was in its infancy, people tried things out, made mistakes and learned from them, both sellers and buyers have had good and bad experiences and the expectations of buyers have risen over the years - in short: the industry has grown up and eBay also had to shed its children's shoes.

Warnings: "What I am missing is a more relaxed approach to German laws."

Marion von Kuczkowski started her business career on eBay USA and was one of the first Germans to receive Powerseller status in 1999. In 2000 she was the first German to join the eBay elite, the group of the top 500 sellers in the world (now PESA). From 2002 to 2007 Marion von Kuczkowski was an external eBay trainer. Since 2002 she has been advising and supporting companies and power sellers in their eBay activities. In 2006 she was the initiator of the world's first product launch on all eBay marketplaces in the world. Since 2009 she has been writing daily on her blog "take-me-to-auction" about news about eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce topics.
What I am missing is a more relaxed approach to German laws.
At that time, warnings were absolutely not an issue, today they are the order of the day and sometimes ridiculously exaggerated that you almost have to be ashamed of the way dealers in Germany are squeezed into a corset that is much too tight. Keyword e.g. basic price information for candles, recommendation function or also the immediate warnings after the introduction of the new consumer rights directive, which came into force without any waiting period and was technically difficult to implement because at 11:59 p.m. the old, but already the new consumer rights directive at 12:01 a.m. must have implemented.

Hopes: "It is not that difficult to become an eBay millionaire, it is more difficult to make good money with eBay."

When comparing your study of sales millionaires from 2012, clear changes become apparent. How does this happen?

Marion von Kuczkowski: eBay is tough business. I always say: "If you can make it on eBay, you can make it anywhere", but unfortunately many still think today that you can make quick money on eBay.
An eBay seller is always an entrepreneur who has to make sharp calculations. Some calculate so keenly that they are proud to sell large quantities a month, but overlook the fact that they do not earn anything from it. The others calculate without looking at the market and then wonder if their articles are not bought because they are very much above the marketplace prices.
You still have to “feel” eBay today - blind selling doesn't work on eBay. You have to know the market and the marketplace very well and many continue to underestimate that.
It is not so difficult to become an eBay sales millionaire, it is more difficult to make good money with eBay and so some of the sales millionaires fall by the wayside because eBay sales alone say nothing.

Local retailers in particular are increasingly flirting with eBay. Is it still worth getting started?

Marion von Kuczkowski: Definitely! Especially when you have the goods on site (i.e. you do not have to buy additional goods and do not have to rent a warehouse), then it is downright criminal not to rely on online trading and eBay is the perfect start because the buyers are already there.

And can they also become millionaires in sales there?

Marion von Kuczkowski: Definitely, but don't underestimate eBay.
Without market and marketplace knowledge, you will not be successful on eBay. You have to know how to build a trustworthy seller profile, how to get your offers in the visibility, how to deal with eBay buyers, who sometimes belong to a very special species, and you have to know the pitfalls in order to be able to avoid them. Just doing eBay “just” doesn't work anymore today.

Standards: "Sometimes eBay overshoots the mark a little, but eBay is also going through a learning process and will keep turning the screws."

Some forums complain about strict standards. Rightly or is this professionalization necessary?

In “eBay sales millionaires 2014” (Amazon link), the offers from 432 eBay sellers who generate a turnover of at least 100,000 euros per month on the German eBay marketplace are analyzed and the evaluations provide the answers to the questions that arise every ambitious eBay seller who wants to sell successfully on eBay should ask: What sells well on eBay? What are eBay millionaires' best sellers? What is the average retail price of items sold on eBay? -What days are the most items sold on eBay and which days are the highest sales prices on eBay? What duration of the offer has proven itself in terms of sales price and sales quota? What is the proportion of auctions in the sellers' format mix?
Marion von Kuczkowski: Yes and no. A lot was necessary and it is also becoming apparent that the eBay strategy was successful. In my book “eBay Sales Millionaires 2014” you can see in comparison to 2012 that the average sales prices have risen and buyers are now ready to buy expensive products on eBay. Trust in eBay has increased and that has to do with the fact that eBay has set stricter standards.
There are a few things that could be improved at the moment - eBay sometimes overshoots the mark a little, but eBay is also going through a learning process and will continue to tweak the screws.

In your book you analyze the number of millionaires in sales. What lessons can be learned from this?

First of all, that there are still a few segments on eBay that are waiting to be filled.
I found it very exciting to see that there are some newcomers who look “quite healthy” and who have worked their way up in a relatively short time.
If you take a close look at the analyzed figures, you can also see that there is still potential for optimization among many salespeople, but also opportunities for newcomers who are not yet operationally blind and who are doing better.


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