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Online collaboration presentation as PDF Merkstoff - worksheets with quizzes for smartphone and tablet New! Terms 1
Terms 2 Control of learning objectives with SocrativeLearning objective control with Kahoot!Quiz1: SOC-17054559 Quiz2: SOC-17054560
Quiz 1Quiz 2
Start for students (https://kahoot.it/) Online quizLearning Apps Quiz Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz practiceLearning Apps - Quiz 1
Learning Apps - Quiz 2 Exercise informationContent and working filesCloud exercise *Online collaboration test website
to the e-mail test client simulations for exercises.1. Cloud: Microsoft * NewOneDrive: create and share folders, calendar 2. Cloud: Microsoft Office Online
a. Word New
b. PowerPointNew
c. ExcelNewGet to know Microsoft's online office programs! Matterhorn.jpg3. Cloud: Google DriveWorking with Google Drive: create and share folders, calendar4. Cloud: Google Drive *Online word processing, online calculation, online presentation, online survey, Matterhorn.jpg5. Cloud: iCloud *Online word processing, online calculation, online presentation, Matterhorn.jpg Online collaboration *Create a presentation according to the instructions!Preparatory exam Easy4me *
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