What's your favorite blue cheese recipe

Chicken breast wrapped in potatoes

Added: 4/18/2017

There is never enough inspiration for Sunday dinner, so we prepared another great chicken breast recipe for you to make for your family. There are many of these recipes, you can easily vary them by replacing the ingredients in the basic recipe with what you like or have in the fridge. So let yourself be inspired and make the potato-coated chicken breast.


Homemade Chicken Kebab - PHOTO INSTRUCTIONS

Added: 12.3.2017

Whenever we are hungry while shopping with the children, we get a kebab. So I've been thinking about how to make the flatbread at home and I've found a perfect recipe that I want to share with you guys. Try it out.


Quark ham noodles

Added: 9.3.2018

A simple and, above all, quick to prepare main course. I made this ham pasta for lunch last Sunday. Even if a Sunday dinner should be a little more festive, that didn't bother us at all. The point is that we can all find each other at the table and we like it ... Besides, I didn't feel like preparing a time-consuming meat dish (a Sunday roast). Quark ham noodles always work. :) Try them out. :) I also add cream, it is then much creamier.