Which vegetables should I plant in September?

Sowing & planting Planting time in July: grow vegetables for late summer and autumn

Let the lettuce stand. It can be harvested continuously. If the heart of the plant stops, the outer leaves will grow back. Lamb's lettuce, fennel, radishes, turnips, spinach and parsley can now also be sown. Mid to late July is also the sowing time for autumn turnips and black winter radish. The end of July is also the last time for Swiss chard. If it sprouts beautifully now, it provides tasty leaves in mild winters. Cover the bed immediately after sowing with a fine-meshed earth flea net so that the carrot fly cannot lay its eggs.

Wherever garden cress and rocket stood, kale and palm kale can grow. Varieties of cabbage need a lot of nutrition, it is best to fertilize the soil with an organic fertilizer. The harvest then takes place in late autumn.

For some vegetables it is now too late to sow them. They won't ripen in time until winter. Just put young plants in the bed. You can do this with cauliflower, kohlrabi or broccoli, for example. Ask in regional nurseries which young plants are on offer. Leek, fennel and endive will also still be ripe if they are now planted as young plants.

Winter salads

There are some types of lettuce that even survive winter and provide tasty lettuce leaves very early in the New Year. They can be sown until mid-September. We recommend winter lattughino, brown winter, Maik├Ânig, winter butterhead or May wonder. In early October they form small heads that grow as soon as it gets warmer in spring. Some varieties are particularly suitable for lettuce, which can be harvested even earlier.