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The 10 most popular travel apps in Germany

For many, the smartphone is a constant companion when traveling. Which travel apps are particularly popular with Swiss users.

The top 10 travel apps have been downloaded most frequently by iPhone users in the Swiss App Store over the past eight years.

1. SBB

Searching for a connection, buying tickets and even reporting defective machines or clogged train station toilets is possible with the app.

Throughout Switzerland and beyond from A to B

sbb mobile

Compatible with iOS and Android, size 33.8 MB, free of charge.

2. Google Earth

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words - especially when it's in 3D. With the app, distant metropolises as well as famous sights are just a click away.

The other view of the world

google earth

Compatible with iOS and Android, size 115.1 MB, free of charge.


If you want to get a good overnight deal in a foreign city with just a tap of your finger, you need this app.

For the travel bargain

Compatible with iOS and Android, size 61.9 MB, free of charge.

4. easyJet

Booking a flight, saving your boarding pass, checking in and tracking the flight route is all possible in the app.

Fly cheap


Compatible with iOS and Android, size 107.7 MB, free of charge.

5. TripAdvisor

Those who have not yet been able to form an opinion can simply rely on the others. With TripAdvisor, travelers will know in no time whether this excursion or that hotel is worthwhile.

Recommendations worldwide


Compatible with iOS and Android, size 153.2 MB, free of charge.


In addition to easyJet, the second popular airline app: Swiss. Here too, you can easily book a flight, save your boarding pass and check in.

From Switzerland to the whole world


Compatible with iOS and Android, size 59.9 MB, free of charge.

7. Flight radar 24

If you are looking forward to the arrival of your loved ones, you can easily follow the flight live with the app. For aviation fans even including flight data and a 3D perspective of the cockpit.

Track your loved ones on their journey

flight radar 24

Compatible with iOS and Android, size 79.1 MB, free of charge.

8. Airbnb

Whether sleeping in a tree house or inexpensive rooms near the airport: Airbnb has long established itself with its overnight stays with private individuals.

Living with locals


Compatible with iOS and Android, size 143.5 MB, free of charge.

9. Uber

Usually more comfortable than waiting for a taxi on a dark street corner: With Uber, the car comes straight to the customer. The journey can even be followed live.

Car to order


Compatible with iOS and Android, size 199.6 MB, free of charge.

10. ebookers

The app for bargain hunters: book flights and hotels at reduced prices with just a few clicks. There are also special app offers where you can save even more.

Bargain prices for flights and overnight stays


Compatible with iOS and Android, size 58.2 MB, free of charge.

Source: App Annie, top travel apps by number of downloads in the Swiss iOS app store from July 2010 to June 2018.