What is Trump's relationship with the NSA

Tense relationship with secret services

The relationship between Trump and the US secret services also developed less relaxed in the past year. One of the reasons for this is that the secret services are involved in the investigation of the so-called Russia connection, which overshadows the term of office of the new US president. This has partly absurd consequences. So Trump asked before a vote in the US House of Representatives, with which the extension of the foreign surveillance (Section 702 Fisa) for the US secret service NSA should be resolved: "This is the law that tried, with the help of a forged and untrustworthy dossier, to monitor and abuse the Trump election campaign so badly by the previous administration and others?"

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Apparently they quickly pointed out to him at the White House that he would ask for surveillance "from bad people abroad" may approve of what he did in a follow-up tweet. In the meantime, the Senate has also extended overseas surveillance.

After all, the Trump administration has to be credited with having the so-called Vulnerabilities Equities Process revised. This is supposed to regulate how the US government deals with security gaps that it finds itself in software. Even the new process is unlikely to lead critics to consider the US government to be more credible in dealing with vulnerabilities. Nevertheless, such a fixed procedure has so far hardly been implemented in any other country - not even in Germany.

The stable genius

What makes the critical assessment of Trump's policy difficult is the self-praise with which every near-positive economic news is communicated to the outside world. "I'm successful, successful, successful. I've always been the best athlete, people don't even know that. But I've been successful in everything I've done. ... I'm more intelligent than everyone else together, but they don't want that admit "Trump told the Wall Street Journal in his signature style. In addition, the self-proclaimed claims "stable genius", Without the change of government, share prices would have fallen in half last year. As if American football is all about him "Cheerleader" on and not on the quarterbacks.

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Further IT training

With all the self-praise - as in the case of the Apple billions returning home - the question arises as to what this success will buy and how long it will last. After all, according to Bloomberg, the US government could lose trillions of dollars in revenue in the coming years as a result of the tax reform, which would ultimately have to be borne by the taxpayer. In addition, the recovered billions could lead to upheavals in the financial market if the high sums were no longer parked in bonds.

There are still enough conflicts left

In any case, it is to be expected that the billions will be invested in higher dividends or share buybacks than in new jobs and investments. Only Trump himself probably believes that Apple started its latest investment program primarily because of the tax reform and because of the top US cheerleaders.

But the IT companies basically have no choice but to continue trying to do the best possible business for their shareholders. Also at the risk that every new job and every price gain will be booked as a political success by the unloved President Trump. There will still be enough areas of conflict in the coming year in which corporations will have to reckon with Twitter attacks. So sad.

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