What is meant by the presentation program

10 tips for PowerPoint presentations

Beyond the foils

Roland Freest

Less is more: This is how you could summarize the most important rules for a PowerPoint presentation. The following tips explain what is meant by this and what you should pay attention to in detail:

Powerpoint is annoying. When a presentation is announced to the employees of a company, a silent sigh goes through the workforce: Once again you have to put up with dozens of often clumsily designed slides and expose yourself to a soporific lecture.
It is often forgotten that in a presentation it is not the Powerpoint slides that (should) be the focus, but the speaker. Because he wants to achieve an effect with the presentation and has set himself a goal, for example to convince the audience of a project or to convey a certain image to them. And to do this, it has to be the focus and attract the attention of the audience. Anyone who hides behind their foils will fail, no matter how effective and technically perfect they may be.
The following ten steps will show you how to make a slide show - which today is usually projected onto a screen using a beamer - in a meaningful way. Incidentally, the tips do not only apply to PowerPoint, but to every modern presentation program.