How are psychopath masks available

React calmly to the terror of psychopaths


- It occurs in the best family and also in the workplace in the form of a boss or colleague: the psychopath. It often takes some time for those around you to see through your true nature. Because he can be amiable, win hearts with his personal charm and impress with his high intelligence and creativity. However, behind this mask lurks an unpredictable manipulator who is always looking for errors in others. It is impossible to please him; the psychopath is not insane, but neither is he mentally sane. He is a person who compensates for his own inferiority complex and fear of defeat by trying to elevate himself by humiliating others. Outwardly, his inner insecurity results in power and intrigue politics. Everyone has weaknesses and therefore latent feelings of inferiority. This is normal and forms the basis for sensitivity and empathy. In an intact interpersonal relationship, the partners forgive each other for their mistakes and make them appear unreal and almost undone through generous "overlook". The psychopath, however, is always on the hunt to uncover the weaknesses of others and uses suggestion to gain power over his fellow men exercise. It attacks the most sensitive area and thus increases the victim's feeling of inferiority. The attack comes in the form of sharp criticism, ridicule, or seemingly insignificant hints that only the person concerned understands. With constant repetition, the victim accepts the suggested idea as his own belief. The psychopath's constant attacking attitude is tiring for his fellow human beings. Your tense defense readiness consumes life energy and puts the nervous system in high tension. The increasing fatigue weakens judgment and paralyzes the power of action; the psychopath directs his attacks specifically against the weakest link in the community. Those who come to the victim's aid allow themselves to be drawn into the conflict. With the tactic of “rule and share”, the psychopath creates two warring camps. Those affected lose respect for themselves and for each other. Openness is no longer possible. A climate of secrecy is spreading. For fear of revealing weaknesses, sensitive topics may no longer be discussed. The taboo zone is widening more and more. The omnipresent caution results in ever longer silence. The flow of communication between people is drying up. Mutual trust disappears, as does the open exchange of ideas and the ability to work together. One smooths over disagreement with soothing explanations. Innovation cannot thrive in such a work environment, and there is no cure for psychopaths. The best way to protect yourself from the terror of psychopaths is to see through your power play as compensation for your inferiority complex and to look for a different environment.