Katy Perry is bisexual

15 stars who are bisexual

From Sarah Kirsch

Have you always wondered which stars are bisexual? Here is a selection with a few surprises!

Stars who are bisexual: Cara Delevigne

Top model Cara Delevigne has been dating actress Ashley Benson for over a year and there are already rumors of an engagement. She herself is open about her sexuality, but also says that she would rather be with women than with men.

Stars who are bisexual: Felix Jaehn

The German singer has struggled with his sexuality for a long time. Today he's open to being bisexual. In his song Love on Myself he processes the experiences with his sexuality.

Celebrities who are bisexual: Katy Perry

At least since her song I kissed a girl, we know: Katy Perry is bisexual. The singer is currently in a happy relationship with Orlando Bloom. The two already have a child together.

Celebrities who are bisexual: Rita Ora

With her song Girls the singer is committed to her bisexuality. She admits: "I've never been as open as in this song. I don't hide who I am anymore."

Celebrities who are bisexual: Shannon Purser

We all know her from the series Stranger Things. In 2017, she revealed on Twitter that she is bisexual. She had only recently come out to her friends in her family. She writes on Twitter: “Being relaxed about one's sexuality is a process. It will be alright. I wish I had known that earlier. "

Celebrities who are bisexual: Amber Heard

Johnny Depp's ex is super open about her bisexuality. She herself doesn't want to be understood as a woman or a man, but simply as a person.

Stars who are bisexual: Demi Lovato

The American all-rounder is on the TV show Simply Complicated known that she is bisexual and her song Cool for summer is about her sexual experiences with women.

Stars who are bisexual: Harry Styles

Harry Styles has not officially come out, but the speculations about his sexuality have never stopped. Especially that its single Light up appeared on international Coming-Out Day, the rumor mill is heating up properly.

Celebrities who are bisexual: Ke $ ha

The singer speaks openly about the fact that for her it does not depend on the gender who she likes. If she could choose someone from the male faction, it would clearly be Harry Styles.

Stars who are bisexual: Lady Gaga

The singer is an advocate for LGBTQ rights. In 2013, she reveals that she likes both men and women.

Celebrities who are bisexual: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is not afraid to speak publicly about her sexuality. She herself professes pansexuality and had something with women before her relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

Stars who are bisexual: Lili Reinhart

The actress recently confessed to her bisexuality in a very surprising way, thus setting an example in the fight for the rights of the LGBTQ + community: “Even if I have never announced it publicly before, I am a proud bisexual woman. And I will join this protest today. "

Celebrities who are bisexual: Yungblud

Even for Yungblud, the gender of a person does not matter. He explains the Bravo: "Maybe I'll meet a mega hot guy tomorrow, or a transsexual person. It doesn't matter - it's about the connection."

Celebrities who are bisexual: Tyler Blackburn

For the pretty Little Liars-Actor already knew in his teenage years that he is bisexual. However, it takes a long time before he can develop an open approach to his sexuality.

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